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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual Author: an inch of Guangyang my character is introverted, although in front of a familiar friend chatted very much, but a encounter unfamiliar or unfamiliar people, often very cautious, often do not know how to open up the situation. Because I know the character of this in society is not popular, so I was very hope that the children don’t like me. However, the "dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse’s son can make hole." Introverted personality, how can we give birth to naturally outgoing children? Small Yue son more than a year, as being introverted, and I, not to cooked, not liked. Uncle aunt often tease her, but she refused to face indifferently, even a smile are not to, often get atmosphere embarrassed, I had at the side of things "she just woke up, she is shy, silently tears:" little master, would you like to grew up so high cold ah!" Even if she and her children want to pull her hand, she will instinctively back. (OS: self protection consciousness is so strong, my mother will not worry you will talk to strangers to run) although there are a lot of association formation and genetic character, but nurture environment are also important influencing factors. In order to make the character change, I began to consciously cultivate her. Many people have said that many children shy, taking her out. So, I often took her to go out and see the world. The supermarket shopping, with her; zouqingfangyou, with her; the wedding, with her; and baby dad go out on a date with her, almost to open the "Siamese model", go where and where. Every time I go out to meet people who do not know or not, I have a warm and small Yue Yue said: "the baby well, crying aunt (grandmother, sister, uncle)." Although do not expect she will shout (she did not speak much more), is the hope that through this way to let her get close with people, not so shy, but little Lord does not seem to eat this one. Although the number of times to go out more, small Yue son really like to go out to play, but the character does not seem to become more lively, and still face a cold". This makes me a little bit depressed, is the small Yue son of the character so stereotypes? Once, I took her to one of our relatives. Relatives have a is the primary school the daughter of snow. Snow is a very lively girl, also a love. She seems to love me, pulling me always and I talk in her school. I also like her, and she chatted up. At the beginning, Xiao Yue or face indifferently watching us, after a while, the snow began to amuse her, pulling her hand, she didn’t like before retreating, also giggled, which surprised me. After this, I often take her to the small house to play, every time she seems particularly happy, small Yue son also love snow sister. Slowly I found that little Yue son painting相关的主题文章: