Inventory of National Day holiday of the most ancient town of Zhujiajue into the national day of

The National Day holiday inventory of the ancient town of Zhujiajue as the national day of the red red scenic scenic spot: the ancient town of Zhujiajue with good weather, the surge in the number of individual scenic scenic tourists, limiting measures taken to deal with the large passenger. It is reported that the ancient town of Zhujiajue became the national day of the most red scenic spots, compared with last year, traffic increased by 3, 4 times. Yesterday, 41 thousand and 800 tourists, an increase of 457.2%. In fact, Zhujiajue scenic spot in this National Day holiday continued hot, the average daily traffic of more than 30 thousand people, every day to take measures to limit the flow. Zhujiajue police station police on duty, Zhujiajue Town, a large passenger flow in general 11 to 14:30. Once the instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of 14077 people, that is, the implementation of current limiting measures. [details] the most popular travel mode: high iron   one of the high speed rail station – ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station in China’s busiest, average every 1.4 minutes there is a train leaving or arriving. With the continuous expansion of the high-speed rail network, starting from Shanghai, a city more and more, and the next day, the high-speed rail trip Chinese has attracted more and more tourists sought after. Since 2015, a number of new high-speed lines gradually put into use, such as Hefei Fuzhou line, Ning’an line, northeast Ji Tu Hui line, line, circle line, Chengdu Chongqing Hainan Xu Xi high iron, as many lines along the beautiful scenery, known as "the most beautiful high iron". Details of the most congested road: the first day of the holiday G15 Zhu Bridge exit 10 km   congestion; the first day of the National Day holiday, people travel enthusiasm, part of the city out of the high-speed congestion. According to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of highways network monitoring center statistics, October 1st 0 – 17, highway network total traffic to 1 million 14 thousand and 100 vehicles, representing an increase of 14.35%, of which a small passenger car is 894 thousand and 100. In addition, the Shanghai Railway Bureau is expected to send visitors 2 million 850 thousand passengers, a record high. The situation is most serious in the direction of the G15 high-speed Jiangsu Zhu Zhu Bridge exports, congestion to reach 10 km. Until 15, severe congestion of G15 Zhu bridge to Jiangsu Liuhe bridge returned to normal. [details] maximum passenger flow: 4 million 550 thousand tourists   3 days before the morning news; more than half of the National Day holiday, Shanghai is the first clear weather after the rain, the temperature suitable for travel. Reporters learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the National Day holiday three days ago, the city received a total of about 4 million 550 thousand tourists, an increase of 7%. Among them, the Bund, East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, Yu Garden, Alex Huiyuan, Expo source as the representative of the District, become tourists to experience Shanghai’s first choice. According to statistics, from October 1st to 2, the railway reached 739 thousand passengers, an increase of 12.5%; civil aviation arriving passengers 275 thousand passengers, an increase of 6.9%; the long-distance passenger arriving passengers 211 thousand passengers, an increase of 20.3%. From September 30th to October 2nd, the city highway crossing, Shanghai bus number is 687 thousand times and 1 million 100 thousand times respectively, an increase of 24.9% and 12.2% respectively. The most spectacular security: National Day相关的主题文章: