IOS 10 new single family emoticons for apple tree thumb (video)

IOS 10 new single family emoticons for users of apple tree thumb Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, since Apple released iOS 10 operating system has been nearly a week in the past week we have seen many consumers actively embrace this system, and Apple products for details of the control in this generation of operating system embodied in the most incisive. Find foreign users before Apple intimate joined the single parent families in the exclusive expression Emoji expression package iOS10, a small move to help the company to capture a large number of fans. Before iOS 10, Apple has in fact shown in the Emoji face enough sweet, because the company built in expression package including same-sex parents, expression package, and this added in iOS 10 single family Emoji is more is to help Apple won a good voice in social media. For example, many users have chosen to express the Twitter on Apple’s practice of recognition: I can finally use Emoji to accurately express my family situation." @adrianna_b16 "I’m really happy to see these Emoji, because my mom is a single mother, she deserves to have a Emoji of her own." @Arleneeee "I really like these Emoji, my mom is a great single mother!!! She works harder than anyone I know." @MissTaraKat iOS 10 finally has a single parent family Emoji, my heart is full of love." @sleepyinohio in fact, Apple has always been the key to the success of the company’s control of product details. Take Macbook for example, the cooling fan over the years has been an essential part of the pen electric products, but MacBook Series in order to allow users to use the computer more quietly and has been constantly improving the details of the fan design. In the early 2015 release of the new MacBook on the 12 inches, apple and even bold to cancel the fan design. In addition to the previously released Apple Watch, the user can choose the built-in flowers, jellyfish and other dynamic wallpaper as a desktop. But many users do not realize is that these dynamic wallpaper looks simple, but actually spent a lot of energy to make apple. Responsible for user interface design of Apple’s vice president Alan – Dye (Alan) has revealed that the shooting of these dynamic wallpaper spent a total of 285 hours, a total of shooting the last 24000 times the final design team satisfaction. Among them, the jellyfish wallpaper is the use of 300fps high-speed camera shooting. In addition, the use of Apple Watch users may have an illusion that they can not see the screen edge, because the Apple Watch screen and the edge of the same color shell. In this regard, Apple’s chief design officer Jonathan – Ive (Jony) said that the choice of the color of the outer surface of the shell and the same color wallpaper.相关的主题文章: