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IPhone 7 new smart battery set to play: still humpback but still practical video loading, please wait… Autoplay play foreign media started iPhone 7 version of the smart battery set of forward and backward Sina mobile phone news on September 22nd morning news, foreign media recently got the iPhone 7 version of the battery cover, and started the demo, we see the advantages and disadvantages of this thing. IPhone 7 version of the new battery protective cover (right) to keep up with the generation of this is called Smart Battery Case (smart battery protection shell), the product was launched last year, Apple Corp iPhone 6s. It can give 6S nearly double the life time, and apple production, the details of good workmanship. But this product widely Tucao is convex design of the back of it, friends said this is like a hunchback like appearance no beauty. Now, to the iPhone 7 with the improved version of the. In fact, the improved version is to remove the headphone port, in addition to the iPhone 7 with the larger camera. There are two colors of white and charcoal gray to choose from. The use of a chip structure, load and remove the phone is very easy to provide protection and charging for mobile phone. The inner lining of the soft material will not cause scratches on the bright black machine. The difference with the previous generation, this white back black apple logo into a light gray, dark gray before, directly into a black, corresponding with the iPhone 7. Its battery capacity also increased from 1877 to 2365 Ma, in China, the price is still $848, plus the amount does not increase. Is still set on the phone began to charge the iPhone, down the notification bar will have two cell phone icon shows how much power battery and battery cover, which is also the benefits of Apple’s own products. You can then insert the headset while still stooped to charge a mobile phone, but you have to admit, if you want to listen to music while charging again, this protective shell now nearly the only solution. For the majority of people, charging treasure is a more affordable choice, but some people feel that this product is not a little easier to drag the root line. (Xiao Guang)  相关的主题文章: