Is was again in Mosul to use chemical weapons skin 5 year old girl was burned carbide-spyair

IS was again in Mosul to use chemical weapons skin 5 year old girl was burned [] carbide observer network integrated Mosul Iraq war continues to recover, the adverse consequences and suspected chemical weapons attack has appeared in children. According to the Reuters reported on 12, by the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) attack a few weeks later, Iraq more than a 5 year old girl (Doaa) arm and neck skin is black, hard, intense pain, and can not touch anything or move. The injured girl, Iraq (pictures from Reuters) reported that more than a father Sultan (Abdallah Sultan) said that with other residents, more than a time in the courtyard of his own play, IS launched a rocket to the neighbor courtyard after the explosion, the release of toxic gases. The explosion in about 1 months later, the air is still filled with the pungent smell, the neighbor’s wall charred, all the plants were dead the vegetable garden. More than a few members of the family did not dare to touch the rocket remained on the ground, and later removed by the rescue workers. Sultan, 33, said: "we do not know what is in the warhead, we only know that it makes a multi body blisters, has not improved." Reported that, IS in 9 and October in the northern Iraqi city of La quiah (Qayyara) civilians launched 4 chemical attacks, more than a fourth attack victims, human rights organizations also recorded at least 3 other injured. In the corner of a multi attack, the other 1 chemical warheads fell into a home in September, a hole in the grass. The injured and witnesses pointed out that all attacks with warheads are equipped with mustard gas. 20 year old Awad (Sirhan Awwad) in an attempt to remove these rockets were injured, the local clinic because they can not deal with this type of burns, so he must be sent to Baghdad for treatment. Wearing a surgical mask at the scene of the explosion, Awad pointed out: "I went to bed after a few hours of sleep, the arm began to turn red, the next day began to blister". His arm was still blistered. 20 year old Awad injured arm still have blisters UN said while the United States Air Force to support the Iraqi troops to Mosul (Mosul) IS militants deported during the war, IS ammonia and sulfur storage in civilian areas, they worry that these things will be used for chemical attack. Mosul is the last bastion of IS in iraq. The Russian military said that the terrorists used chemical weapons in the Syrian Ministry of foreign affairs of Syria in October 31st had sent a letter to the UN Security Council condemned the "terrorist" before the use of chemical weapons in Aleppo. The Syrian foreign ministry said in the letter, "terrorists" 30, Aleppo city launched containing chlorine bombs, killing 48 civilians and government soldiers asphyxia. Syrian government has set up an investigation team, and will be transferred to the relevant findings and evidence of international organizations. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq deputy special representative Grande recently told the media that the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) in the Mosul defence might use chemical weapons made. According to Russian satellite network reported on 11, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J (Igor Konashenkov) major general said that Russia’s nuclear defense.相关的主题文章: