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Jacky Wu: gallstones gallstone patients hospitalized surgery experts interviewed experts: love to find 4F Zhao Zhi Fu, director of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine Hospital of Guanganmen China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine physician Li Shujun, deputy director of Department of Gastroenterology, General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, deputy chief physician Wu Zhizhou, Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital stone department chief physician Jacky Wu recently, gallstone patients hospitalized, say they are too busy to ignore the bile, so the local transport bile duct blockage, biliary surgery to remove recovery well. You know, in fact, gallstone disease special love "4F", namely Female (female) and Fat (obesity), Forty (forty), Fertilization (enhanced), this is the expert on the summary. What are the symptoms of gallstones? Gallstones will generally see whether to have the following symptoms, dislike greasy food; right upper abdominal pain, and radiation to the right shoulder, or with a sense of soreness; abdominal distention, belching heartburn, dry and bitter; about two rib pain; constipation; stomach Jiuzhi not to bear fruit. If the above symptoms, can try to use anti-inflammatory and choleretic drug treatment, may be effective if gallbladder disease. But it is best to go to a regular hospital, B ultrasound can basically be diagnosed. At the same time, we also need to do some tests related to gallstones, such as biochemical examination, blood lipids, blood sugar, the examination of the pancreas, stomach and so on for further treatment. Love for women: 4F – gallstones and the women’s unique physique and temperament related. Common female temperament stasis, liver qi stagnation, it is easy to produce easily Yuzu bile, gall stone. Smile: in the use of anti-inflammatory choleretic drug on the basis to keep a good mood. Laughter is a good medicine, not only can raise lung evacuation stagnation, make body and mind is smooth, not pain, a smile, a good mood. – obesity: obesity can cause metabolic syndrome, influence biliflavin metabolism, thereby generating stones. In addition to eat high-fat, high cholesterol foods will increase the stones, and even lead to acute attacks of cholecystitis. More exercise: obesity, in addition to gallstones, or hypertension, high blood lipids and other risk factors. Should adhere to ten thousand steps a day or swim for half an hour. – Forty: a 40 year old woman stressed, angry, long-term depression, can not find the exit "flood", sulking, it is easy to form gallstones and bile stasis. Less angry: medication at the same time, less angry. Chinese medicine believes that diseases are born of Qi, should learn to control your emotions. Can also eat some of the emotional regulation of traditional Chinese medicine. – Education: Overall, female fertility than have children are more likely to have gallstones, a litter of each student, the probability will increase. Because during pregnancy, maternal dietary intake of cholesterol is high, easy to precipitate the formation of stones. In addition, the intestinal function is easy to be disturbed during pregnancy, the contraction of smooth muscle is weak, and the bile of gallbladder is retained. Little eats meat during pregnancy: meat and vegetables collocation, less eating meat, even the fish quality protein, also do not pay attention to excess. Eat orange oranges: for reducing the incidence of gallstones will play a significant role, this is because the oranges in vitamin C can inhibit cholesterol in the liver into bile acids, so that the concentration of cholesterol in bile decreased, the two together to form gallstones the opportunity will be reduced accordingly. (Health times)相关的主题文章: