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Jiangxi million years to respond to events: participate in corporate banquets palace tourism officials suspended the Sohu news left for the county forest public security leaders in the "Palace" surnamed Cheng, members of the lower left for the county forest police surnamed Yu in "Palace" leadership dinner, right for the long hair company general manager wu. Nanchang Beijing, November 19,   (reporter Wang Jian), even to Jiangxi Province, Wannian county "65 acres of farmland have been destroyed forest" and "forest public security officials to accept corporate banquets, travel and other reports triggered widespread public concern. Beijing, 19 reporters from the local official response: 2 officials involved have been suspended, the relevant case is still under investigation. Forest Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the police station long were both suspended local officials said, even the day, "Jiangxi million years: 65 acres of farmland forest have been destroyed behind", "Jiangxi police leading frequent mysterious palace million years into the shabby appearance" reported by interior luxury million years the county government attaches great importance to the establishment of a special investigation by the county the group led the Commission to carry out in-depth investigation quickly. On the evening of 18, 000 years of county decided by the media exposure to participate in corporate banquets, travel of the political commissar of the County Forest Public Security Bureau Yu Mou, County Forest Public Security Bureau police station Long Wu pear pingmou to be suspended. The mixing station covers an area of 80.8 acres for temporary land use formalities after the preliminary investigation, in the construction of Shangrao provincial highway to million years is a key project in Jiangxi Province, located in the village of Osaka Pei Mei Zhen Fu Lin Bei Cun Group China Railway seventeen bureau B2 standard project department, mixing station material field and road construction, a total area of 80.8 acres in Wannian County, forestry and land departments to apply for temporary land clearance. Informed that the media called "the palace", Pei Mei Zhen Pei Jia Cun Wei Ke Ling Cun group will actually idle red brick house on May 2015, leased to the company with long hair, the lease period of 15 years, the annual rent for three million yuan, the company was rebuilt and repaired, offices and accommodation for ordinary employees. At the expiration of the lease will be free to return the village collective. Currently, the relevant circumstances are still under investigation.相关的主题文章: