Jieyang Rongcheng police quickly dealt with trouble in the case of 9 people were arrested in Beijing-9c8947

Jieyang Rongcheng police quickly dealt with trouble in the case of 9 people were arrested – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter of the Navy) this morning, WeChat’s official propaganda department of Jieyang city Rongcheng District released information, the evening of September 16th, the Jieyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Rongcheng branch quickly dealt with together and find the trouble cases, arrested 9 suspects. According to reports, September 16th 21 am, Rongcheng Branch Bridge police station received 110 orders, in the bridge street Chongwen road has more than young people with a knife, stick in the beatings of motorcycle. After the alarm Bridge police station police quickly arrived at the scene disposal. Rongcheng branch after receiving the report, the rapid mobilization of police, public security, patrol police brigade and ten Police Station Road police on duty to intercept. 23 PM, Xianqiao police station in the top six village street Xianqiao arrested 9 suspects. After examination, Liao Moudong suspects, Wang Moumou (male, all provinces in exposing workers) work in the top six most, village shoe factory. According to the account of a dispute with their drinking workers from other provinces, Jieyang Xian Qiao Ji workers in the top six autumn village Wu union party, the motorcycle was smashed. Suspect Liao Moudong, Wang et al and meet some friends of revenge. On the evening of 16 suspects, Liao Moudong, Wang et al gathered in the top six Village Xu union a rental to Chong Wen road driving along the direction, smashed two cars and motorcycles to the crossing of the masses, wounding two innocent people (initial forensic Inspection Department of slight injury). At present, the police are pursuing other personnel involved. In order to maintain good social order, the police will continue to maintain a high pressure situation crackdown, and resolutely combat all kinds of criminal activities. At the same time, young people should be rational for resolving disputes, not to defy the law, in order to avoid a big mistake.相关的主题文章: