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Jilin, a woman hospitalized in March, his family did not show his brother: unable to manage – Sohu News New Culture (reporter Tang Qi), there are children, as well as brothers and sisters, someone had to come forward to talk about." 14, hospital burn surgery doctor Zhang Xi said, is the Mid Autumn Festival, but in their ICU as well as a 58 year old Ms. sun, although already was discharged from the hospital, but no relatives to take home, while she was in the hospital has spent nearly 300 thousand yuan of medical expenses, the hospital owed 110 thousand yuan. At present, college would like to contact the families of the elderly through the media, it will cost depending on the situation. No family to visit care Ms. sun Baicheng hospital after June 8th by claiming to be her employer’s left from the local hospital to Changchun, "was received by the patients in Department of Dermatology, consulting room, department after a consultation." Ms. sun is now the doctor’s Zhang Xi said, in the Department of Dermatology for more than a month’s time, which has been left to take care of, but also home to the people to send rice. In after the consultation, due to suffering from pemphigus, a large area of skin damage, after consultation, the end of July: the treatment to burn surgery, "a skin graft surgery, surgical debridement two times." Doctor Zhang Xi said, after they have been taken over by living in the ICU, probably in the treatment of 10 days, take care of her left, but also because there is no time to have a patient at here, from first to last have not met Ms. sun’s family to visit and care. In more than three months from the beginning of the hospital owed more than 110 thousand in June 8th, has been more than three months, the hospital said, Ms. sun’s family has not appeared, "the old man has the provincial health insurance, and subsistence allowances, the treatment cost nearly 300 thousand, remove some of the costs, now owe the hospital 110 thousand yuan." Zhang Xi said, in saving lives of the mind, has been in the hospital all treatment, August, Ms. sun was the occurrence of respiratory failure, very dangerous, ultimately, is the hospital here, like this case, we have tried several times to contact their families, but always can not contact." Zhang Xi said that after the patient was hospitalized, after a psychological expert diagnosis, found that they also suffer from mental disorders, and there are other diseases. Each change to two or three hours in the current situation, patients can be discharged, but there must be someone to take care of, what is needed to help people to walk, also want to eat some antibiotic drugs." Zhang Xi said, in the domestic company and Mr. Zuo didnt come to the hospital for a period of time, all the costs are all hospitals to buy food, buy a drink, but also let the doctors and nurses were mentally and physically exhausted. "When she fed her, she sometimes lost her temper." Nurse Li Cong said that in order to take care of her, other patients as long as a nurse is enough, she had two or three nurses. Zhang Xi said, all two or three hours of each dressing, because she does not cooperate with treatment, do not want to stand up, hit the needle directly to pull out, the doctor had to keep her hands with gauze fixed irrigation treatment, and she often curse, but these, everyone can understand, because she is a patient, you can not understand is she"相关的主题文章: