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JINGWAH asked four times: Shuangliu airport security instrument – X – ray view — people.com.cn original title: Four what is the Shuangliu Airport X ray security instrument security? Aviation safety, passenger safety. Similarly, the security process to ensure the safety of passengers. The use of security risk and security apparatus, is only considering the airport passenger security interests, ignoring the suspicion. Recently, "how to evaluate the Shuangliu Airport and other places using X ray projection body" weak photon human security apparatus "one article, widely circulated in the circle of friends. The article said that the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport has a human body security X ray radiation, or affect health. Airport staff said that each security may accept the radiation dose equivalent to flying in the air for three minutes". It seems that in this weak photon human security instrument, there is no problem of X ray, the parties have no disagreement, the focus of controversy is whether the amount of radiation X rays harm the health of passengers. The airport and security equipment manufacturers attitude clear, said the former is equivalent to the "flight three minutes", "said the latter is still lower than the United States the most stringent international standards; the expert view is that high energy ray itself with radioactive can cause burns, may also lead to gene mutation. For pregnant women, a special group of people, rays may cause fetal malformations. Even if each dose is not high, there is a cumulative effect. Between the two views, the public will believe who, self-evident. Put aside the dispute and not harmful, Shuangliu airport itself is also worthy of torture. First, the right to know whether the full protection of passengers? Because the radiation is harmful, the state provides that all radiation equipment are required to have warning signs to remind pregnant women to avoid. Shuangliu Airport at the airport gate is there to remind, but there is no eye-catching tips at the gate nearby, also let machine manufacturers will be renamed the "photon human security apparatus to deceive the public. Second, the right of choice is fully protected? Even if the security instrument X ray radiation is very small, pregnant women, infants and other special groups may constitute a potential injury, not to mention some travelers are not willing to accept X ray irradiation. In this regard, the airport should allow passengers to know, fully respect their choice, and even pregnant women should be banned by means of X ray radiation detectors, rather than by their own application to take the artificial channel. Third, is it enough to demonstrate the lessons beforehand? Medical use of X rays, two evils to take its light, it is helpless, airport security is clearly not a non – use. Public safety to take the minimum damage principle, to avoid radiation should be avoided as far as possible. Such a large scale to the use of passengers, should be careful to do enough to demonstrate martial arts. Fourth, human security apparatus using such a big controversy Shuangliu Airport, whether through the approval of the Public Security Bureau, there is no "certificate"? According to the China civil aviation safety inspection rules twelfth, the security department to use safety inspection equipment should be detected by the Civil Aviation Bureau of Public Security Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments. After passing the examination, issued a "certificate of use" can be used. Shuangliu Airport is the practice of compliance, the report did not give the answer. If unauthorized, Shuangliu Airport has no right to use this security instrument. What is the purpose of security相关的主题文章: