Jinhua woman riding the electric car butt escape city police search front exposure (Figure)-dingxiangwuyuetian

Jinhua woman riding the electric butt escape front exposure (Figure) Jinhua city police missing girl riding electric car hit and run man this girl you met? If you have met or know, please contact the police quickly. She escaped after a traffic accident. Yesterday morning, many police issued a message in the circle of friends: 9 September 21st 02 PM, in Jinhua District of Wucheng Jiang Xi Lu Wu first grain road, with the electric bicycle and public bicycle collision accident, the electric bicycle accident escape, the monitoring screenshot accident suspect driving the vehicle fled the scene. Looking at the lover to provide valuable clues. A police call was attached to the rear. The reporter contacted the accident officer Chen, he told reporters, the morning of September 21st, allegedly the electric vehicles in the section on the bike’s rear end hit Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu cause lumbar fractures. After the accident, the electric car driver once got off to help Miss Lu, and helped her pick up something on the ground, but then drove away, and Ms. Lu hurried to the police. Fortunately, there happened to be a probe at the intersection, recording the process of the incident, and taking a clear picture of the driver. The police followed by a probe to find the driving trajectory of electric bicycle, the electric car is open to the suspected location of the incident from the river bridge bridge plate direction, after the accident on a road to a nearby Jiangbei intime City, then disappeared in the road section of road. At present, Ms. Lu is still at home. If you have seen the accident the driver suspected of, or know her, please contact Tel: 13566779190, contact: Officer Chen, or direct dial 110.

金华女子骑电动车撞人逃逸 正面照曝光交警全城寻人(图) 金华姑娘骑电动车撞了人就跑   这个姑娘你见过吗?如果你见过或者认识,请赶快和警察联系。因为她在一起交通事故后逃逸了。   昨天一早,不少交警在朋友圈发出一条消息:9月21日9时 02分许,在金华婺城区婺江西路第一粮库路段,发生一起电动自行车与公用自行车相撞的交通事故,其中肇事的电动自行车逃逸,下图是肇事嫌疑人驾驶车辆逃离现场的监控截图。望知情人提供有价值线索。后面还附上了民警电话。   记者联系上了处理事故的陈警官,他告诉记者,9月21日早上,涉嫌肇事的电动车在事发路段追尾撞上骑自行车的陆女士,导致陆女士腰椎骨裂。   事故发生以后,电动车驾驶员曾经下车扶起陆女士,还帮她捡起了掉在地上的东西,但之后就驾车离开,陆女士赶紧报警。   幸运的是,事发路口正好有一个探头,记录下了事发过程,还拍下了涉嫌肇事电动车驾驶员的正面清晰照片。   民警随后通过探头查找了电动自行车的行车轨迹,发现涉嫌肇事电动车是从河盘桥南桥头方向开到肇事地点的,发生事故后一路开到了江北银泰城附近,随后消失在马路里路段。   目前,陆女士还在家里养伤,如果你见过涉嫌肇事驾驶员,或者认识她,请联系电话:13566779190,联系人: 陈警官,或直接拔打110报案。相关的主题文章: