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Julian Cheung took the name package to send his wife: don’t say the Xinrudaoge Julian Cheung Sina entertainment news September 9th, Julian Cheung [micro-blog] to Tsim Sha Tsui attended the luxury car brand new conference, and served as the new opening ceremony guests. A mature male dress appeared after the car can’t wait to see him in the car feel at the press conference, the event also threatened to buy a home, joked to Congress: "give him the discount is very seductive, because I love to sit more people’s car, this car is suitable for my family. I used to buy two seats in my car, but now the mentality changed. In fact, I think the process of buying a car, look at types, accessories, colors, can be a thing to share with the family." After the event Julian Cheung media interview, said his wife Anita Yuen [micro-blog] just after the birthday, in addition to taking him to sing the birthday song to send blessings, he gave Mrs bag as a gift: "yes, is the auction auction, although I have experience, but I will be very nervous sweaty hands. (buy, how much money?) That is not to say, Xinrudaoge, (the lady received very happy?) Of course, but the strange thing is, we usually go shopping with bought called her bag, she said cannot take, I asked why, she said this is used for the collection, the strange thing is that I think we want to use it, it is owned. But never mind, no one day she will put the bag out of the auction charity, this is a good thing to do."相关的主题文章: