Kaifeng university entrance 8 years old man selling roasted sweet potatoes suddenly free cause tears-rainlendar

Kaifeng, a college entrance 8 years old man selling baked sweet potatoes suddenly free of charge tears ran recently, New River next to a large old man in the school famous! Why pinch, because the old man baked sweet potatoes do not want money, all free of charge to the students to eat! Yet, the elderly did not collect the money? To listen to him how to say – do not sell baked sweet potatoes, I would like to return in the next few days, the students, this batch of baked sweet potato free to the students to eat." Is the old man down here for three years now free to send the sweet potato already more than and 80 years old, Dongyuan in the new campus of Henan University for three years of students roasted sweet potato, sweet potato often buy concessions, in the winter will call on the students in his cold heating stove. For the warm-hearted man, the students are very familiar with, passing stalls always buy baked sweet potato one or two hot roasted sweet potato. These days, the old man selling sweet potatoes but sent a baked sweet potato. The old man said, this is he selling sweet potato in Dongyuan third years later, not to sell, this batch of roasted sweet potatoes free gift to the students. I have three years to sell baked sweet potato, the students are very respectful to me, I want to return the students." The old words, tells the reason of their free sweet potato. Looking for enthusiastic girl wanted to personally thank her also recalled, solstitial last year when there was a man named Wang Yixin (sound) the girl gave him a bowl of hot Boiled dumplings in the cold, I was moved to tears out! There was a time when a boy and a girl sent me two apples, and wished me a merry christmas…… This is a few days old free baked sweet potato, but many students are to give money or feel uncomfortable, the grandfather said he received a decent money. Although I don’t know what grade Wang Yixin is, but the old man still hope to find Wang Yixin (sound), because he would like to see one side, thanks to the girl face to face.相关的主题文章: