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Why did choose China? Hong Sen: never threatened us – Sohu military channel data: Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen. Yesterday, from Kampuchea million people lined the streets to welcome the president to visit many China cooperation agreement signed between the two countries, from the streets of Phnom Penh "Cambodia friendship evergreen" the giant banners to the foreign media has been repeatedly mentioned Chinese aid to Cambodia, Cambodia show win-win relationship with each other in good faith, for in recent years in various disputes in Asia, its value is self-evident, it should become a model.     Kampuchea people are not strangers to President Xi Jinping. In December 2009, when he was vice president Xi Jinping’s visit to Kampuchea, and to the Confucius Institute local ribbon. Chloe? Of academician is the director of the Royal Academy of Kampuchea, was accompanied by around Xi Jinping. "He shook hands with us, posed for pictures, and was very kind to us. President Xi Chinese led to prosperity, and generously help Kampuchea. 7 years, I often think of that time, I really hope he can come back to see." Said the Chinese President Shuai Shiyi to accept the "Global Times" reporter, rare place Kampuchea Confucius Institute, is the Chinese class that all levels of government departments, the army and the school, "until now, we have trained forty thousand or fifty thousand Chinese personnel in Kampuchea, more and more people in Kampuchea to send their children to study here". Turkey’s Anatolia news agency reported 13, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh park near the atmosphere of people waving flags, bursting with happiness, pictures, cheer, Kampuchea’s cabinet spokesman said Chinese to welcome President visiting great, this proves that our two countries have great cooperation and alliance, which is a deep friendship, that no matter our size, and Chinese Chinese have regarded us as a very good friend. The British "Financial Times" said that western countries involved in Kampuchea democratic construction since 1992, 20 years of these donor countries to provide about $12 billion in loans and assistance, but according to the "Hong Sen of Kampuchea" the author strangio said, most of them did not spend in the development, but paid a high fee. The report also said that in 2012, Obama attended the East Asia Summit held in Phnom Penh, became the first president of the United States during the visit to Cambodia, when he approached the government building to see two huge banners: "long live People’s Republic of China". Why did Kampuchea choose China? Phnom Penh, Kampuchea, 13, said earlier this year, one thing happened. Hong Sen said at the time, China has never threatened Kampuchea, never ordered Kampuchea to do anything." He warned Europe, "do not frighten me, do not threaten me, do not cut off aid to threaten Kampuchea". The "global network of Southeast Asia" 12, quoted a scholars saying, political and Chinese Kampuchea similar to Kampuchea’s leaders think China influence in Southeast Asia will make Kampuchea’s neighbours in Kampuchea will respect the interests of more cautious. Chen Shilun, an associate professor at the Institute of International Studies at the Zhongshan University and an expert on the issue of Kampuchea, 13, told the global times that Kampuchea is facing development needs, while china.相关的主题文章: