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Everyone talks about the name of God. But can the name of God be pronounced by mouth? No. It is the Word which is indivisible, eternal and vibrates within the life force. This is the experience of saints and they spread the message relating to the realisation of the undecaying God. Un means not and decaying means destructible, that is, the one which cannot be destroyed, which is eternal. It is also a scientific theory that energy is neither created nor destroyed. So, energy is eternal. Our saints said, Brahma satyam jagat mithya. The name of God alone is the truth and all other things in this world are perishable. Einstein said, Matter is created from energy; when there is transformation in the form of energy, then matter is created. Likewise, whatever we see is nothing but transformation of energy. That Power is omnipresent and saints called it Ram. They keep on trying to explain it. Char ram hain jagat mein, teen rama vyavahar Ek ram tatwa sar hai, tinko karo vichar. There are four Ramas in the world. Three of them are used in everyday speech. The fourth is the essence of everything. Think about whether you know that. Saints have talked about these four Ramas. We all should strive to know the fourth Rama, otherwise we will regret it. Ram means that which is omnipresent and which permeates everything and everywhere. You would have seen that if a pebble is lying in a river, then it will lie there only until someone moves it or the rivers current turns it into sand. You also know that the fragrance within a flower spreads through the air to far-off places. Similarly there is expansion of each and every subtle thing. We have to know the Almighty, which has no differentiation, cannot be bound by any limits, which is omnipresent. You know that the sun is given different names in different countries. In English it is called sun, in Persian it is called shama, but the sun is one and the same, even though we may call it by different names. Likewise, we may call God by any other name, but He is one and the same. The one which permeates everywhere, at every point, is very subtle and also cannot be contained within any circumference. If it could be, then it would not be omnipresent. If something is limited to any particular person or .munity, then it cannot be omnipresent. To be omnipresent, it has to be extremely subtle and also limitless. The Primordial Knowledge cannot be bound by any language. The existence of elements which are bound by a language are limited to the reach of that language, such as English in America, French in France, Spanish in Spain, Chinese in China, Russian in Russia. All are limited to the borders of the country, but saints say that the divine element cannot be limited to the boundary of any language or country. Saints say that this phenomenon is beyond the mind, intellect or any language. They further say, Yato vacho nivartante aprapya manasah sah. That is beyond the five organs of action, five sense organs and beyond any language. Hence: Rame nirantar atma, sab ghat athon yam. Wahi te santan dharo, ram tahi ko nam. Niranjan mala ghat mein phire din rat. Upar awat niche jawat, swans swans chal jat. Sansari nar samjhat nahin, virtha umar vihat. Soul permeates everywhere, so saints give it the name Ram. The pure rosary of the primordial vibration goes up and down with the breath all day and night. A worldly person does not understand this and passes his life in vain. It is the indisputable truth that the rosary of life turns on and on within the heart of everyone, irrespective of the sect or religion he belongs to; whether he be a believer or an atheist. This rosary is omnipresent. What is this rosary? Within an atom is a centre and around this centre, electrons move in different orbits. This proves that that power permeates all the points, everywhere. That power itself is regulating a subtle particle and also the entire cosmos. There is no point where that power is not. Observe the sun and the solar system. All planets are revolving in their respective orbits around the sun. That power alone runs electrons, planets, all living things on those planets and everything. One saint said Jarre jarre mein hai jhanki bhagwan ki. Kisi soojh wali ankh ne pahchan ki. God can be glimpsed in every speck of matter but only a rare person, the one who has the eye of understanding, perceives it. What is that power? That power alone makes a being live. That consciousness which perceives experiences, due to which the entire creation functions, is not understood by an ordinary person who thinks only of worldly matters. We need to ask ourselves what that power within us is. That power keeps us alive. That power is right within this body. Power is hidden in the battery of a torch and the power of an engine lies within its fuel. Likewise, that power is hidden within our hearts, to know which we have to enter within. We call that subtle element the life force. To know this power is to know the life. That is why a saint said Man Mathura dil Dwarika, kaya Kashi jan. Daswan dwara dehara, tame jyoti pahchan. My mind is Mathura, my heart is Dwarika and my body is Kashi. Enter via the tenth door and realise the Light. We have to know this Light. We have to know that Name which is circulating within our hearts. This life which we have is a golden opportunity to know It. Saints have glorified this human body because this Power can be known and realised through it. It alone brings wellbeing into our life and grants salvation. To practise that Knowledge in life is to see God and the essence of human life is to be redeemed from the cycle of birth and death. This is the message of manav dharam which is being spread since time immemorial. Scientists understand that the circulation of breath is natural and they put forward chemical equations to explain it, but if breath is merely the .ing and going of oxygen and carbon dioxide, then why does a person die? The message of the saints is to awaken ourselves and to help others awaken. A lotus flower is born in mud but it does not have any contact with it. Similarly, to get redeemed from the worldly mud, one has to be.e like a lotus. If he does not be.e a lotus then anarchy will spread all over the country. The reason is that, without the spiritual context, progress has no meaning. So it is essential to know and acquire the Spiritual Knowledge. Only then will peace, love, harmony, friendship and goodwill spread. 相关的主题文章: