Kong Jiahuan flying arrow MV long five premiere celebration-borderland

Kong Jiahuan "flying arrow" five MV long celebration premiered on Sina entertainment news "long five" arrow "flying arrow" cast piece by Tan Jing MV sang, directed by renowned director Kong Jiahuan, "after the long march five successful maiden flight, MV in Hainan Wenchang five long celebration of the first mapping. The film with the language of film, to restore the "Long March five" in the past ten years, the hardships of the people cast arrow. November 6th, "flying arrow" MV in the CCTV news channel broadcast. Director Kong Jiahuan said: "the 5 day" long shot five "MV removed nearly a million, although hard, but compared to the" Five "long 10 years of arduous road space Kevin arrow, I have been relaxed in a complete mess; that night when you see the long five successful launch of the scene of many space people cried together, I moved in a complete mess" flying arrow "; MV in the five premiere celebration, Tan Jing led the whole space people sing the" flying arrow "at that moment, I was in a complete mess of infection; to arouse the people to the space people respect, feel the space is not easy, CCTV news channel broadcast the MV, I said in a complete mess! I work with emotion and never mind where broadcast, but because the film actors are filmed in space, I found that they are not in the play but in real work, so the film was so real recorded their wonderful moments, like to see their own staff believe that investment in the must be very happy. This film, thanks to the great space people gave me a lesson — what is called "love and stick"." In fact, the hole guide itself is a dream of pursuing and public communication practice, directed a number of public service ads. The shooting of "long five" MV also delayed his debut film "crotch – Youth" to prepare for the upcoming December movie in Kong Jiahuan’s hometown of Harbin shooting. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: