Langya mountain in Langya, through the journey – Sohu

Nirvana in Fire in Langya mountain, journey through the Sohu of Langya tourism hill because of the Song Dynasty Ou Yangxiu "ong Ting Ji" is famous, there are zuiwengting, Langya temple and other ancient buildings, is a good natural scenery. The famous song dynasty calligrapher Su Shi for "ong Ting Ji", "Feng Leting Ji" monument. The famous mountain in Langya. So here is a cultural place, suitable for slowly thin materials. During the Chinese Hangzhou G20 summit, Langya Mountain Scenic Area in Hangzhou, Hangzhou citizens enrolled students, holding Hangzhou residence permit for foreign personnel to implement the policy of free of charge (with valid documents), free time July – September day. Langya mountain, Anhui province is located in the southwest of the ancient city of Chuzhou is about kilometers, Chuzhou’s western suburbs. The small peak of Fengshan, meters above sea level, the total area of square kilometers. Langya enjoy "Penglai after no mountain" and "East Anhui pearl" reputation. Because of the rich variety of Chinese herbal medicine, which is known as "natural herbary". The territory of zuiwengting, Langya Pavilion, West Lake, Lake Hu Gu, Gu and other attractions. The first national AAAA level scenic spots of Langya mountain [] (tour about hours) [] to play the wild aromatic garden, Suzhou garden style calligraphy Museum, hall, pavilion, Taiwan, Xuan, corridors, bridges, rockery Qujing interlinked, pleasant scenery); [zuiwengting] attractions, zuiwengting is known as "the first Pavilion" famous quotes "ulterior motives, but for mountains and rivers" is the home of Yu Xiao. Scenic spots in the pavilion, Taiwan, pavilion style, Garden Park, king king said, "ong nine king"; which was planted by Ou Yangxiu as one of the four oldest Mei Mei, Su Dongpo handwritten "ong Ting Ji" monument called the rare Zhi Bao); Ou Yangxiu memorial [], west of the two hospital, is in the pavilion movement affordable, plastic statue of Ou Yangxiu and introduced thirty paintings on the life of Ou Yangxiu, fully demonstrated for the people of Ou Yangxiu, for the government, in order to learn, as the text to the original appearance, will reproduce the image of Ou Yangxiu great respected Master in the majority of tourists in front); ten national key temple – [Langya Temple], Tang Dali six years by the Chuzhou provincial governor Li Youqing and the mountain monk sent Chen built, is a famous Buddhist resort, there are scenic spots and sites, of which Wu Daozi painted Avalokitesvara as rare to Bao, Burma thousand Buddha donated for most of the country, the temple incense filled year-round, and is the key to protect the temple. Main hall, temple, thousand Buddha cliff group, Jin beamless hall etc.); [South Gate], located in Langya Shandong south high ground, ancient buildings will peak Pavilion, the ancient palace of Heaven Gate Bixia, overlooking the Yangtze River such as the Great Wall; [world] (dream journey minute tour about 2.5 hours the whole project is included) Omi, Chinese Tang, song and yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, and the modern world history, the history of the famous Daming Palace, the main hall, the palace of Heavenly Purity. Walking in the "Millennium Avenue", in the space through the typical representative of the history of the dynasties. Sometimes is Daming Palace, Ming Jun Cairen, and is within the Mongolia camp, while the Qing Tianjiao hero; Beller, the princess, while another is south of the young people, the graceful beauty in the water. At present in the shooting of film and television drama mainly Liu Xiaoqing.相关的主题文章: