Laugh and cry! Dad 4 can be called where the son

Laugh and cry! "4" can be called "father son" where the lost article: Lu Daheng may be affected by the influence of "swordsman" of this drama, plus "the great challenge" role, anyway, every time I see Sha Yi [micro-blog] always laugh in the program…… This does not, in the fourth quarter "where my father had started recording" slightly, Sha Yi want to take their baby home in Anji to participate in the program recording. But for the first time with the baby out of the recorded program, where there are so easily? Think of the first few episodes of "where" Dad, in addition to Huang Lei [micro-blog] with a baby with this early ripe, most dads get scorched by the flames. Sha Yi is also. Look at this picture, you will know that Anji heart how uncomfortable attention to the wrinkly eyebrow and downward mouth down anyway don’t want to go down and then also exposed a scene photos, Anji a person crouching in the corner at the little animal down while Sha Yi was gone…… So, do you guess with friends, Sha Yi lost his son…… Ha ha, how about this white zhantang! Feeling this season, "Daddy where to go," is it possible to consider changing the name of "do not fly dad where? "Or" where’s my son? "Four" where "Dad, besides Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung [micro-blog] daughter koala, Cai Guoqing and his son, and his son Tian Liang [micro-blog], Sha Yi and his son, and the fencing team Dong Li, South Korean singer Huang Zhi column and several other small partner friends Suren ~ to say okay, even if not alone with the baby. I had somehow also own baby, the most curious is, Huang Zhi column and child language people how to play, and Dong force…… In the fourth quarter, "where are you going?" Disclaimer: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: