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Lazy with English blind father and son for the first time abroad Malaysia tour in Sabah (4) – DAY Mamudi island tourism Sohu > Tanjong Aru beach 2013-11-03 for kids, playing in the sand, the water is the biggest attraction, so the fourth day we arranged to play island upstream. Ma Moodie Mamudi island is said to be a Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Island island area of islands in the smallest, an island is more suitable for children, in the Raiders said that the island can feed the fish, think children must love, we bought fish food in jesselton wharf. Ma Moodie island from jesselton port opened in the past but twenty or thirty minutes, or close, personal feeling and SAPI island is not too bad, a relatively small number of tourists, such as catering facilities is relatively weak, but the scenery is quite beautiful, we did not find where to fish, because everywhere can not close feed label. There are a lot of fish in the clear water. Black children and white children, although the language barrier will mingle, playing together. Because the island is relatively small, we play for a long time it back to town to rest, because we have the afternoon heavyweight arrangement. Tanjong Aru beach I saw before setting out for Sabah says an article in Tanjong Aru beach sunset is the ten world famous sunset, so I wanted to see. Go with friends in Tanjong ARU Shangri-La Hotel stayed one night, we also had a chance to go to the hotel to play a rub. Kota Kinabalu’s traffic is relatively expensive, from the city taxi to Shangri-La Hotel need 20 ma. There is a lot of water park in the hotel, a lot of projects, is a good place for children to play, children and father to play good fun. I bought an ice cream at the swimming pool and watched them play quietly. Sunset, we rushed to the beach to see the sunset. It is said that we go to the season is not the best time to see the sunset, but for us also feel very shocked. Watching the sunrise the dinner, Shangri-La dining with relatively little expensive, from the Raiders found said there is a seafood stall near Philippines is mainly open, we went to a little taste, taste than the big eggplant to far worse, one of the crab is not fresh, but after negotiations give away. If you really want to live in the Shangri-La Hotel a night, enjoy life. DAY 2013-11-04 at the end of the day, we bought some souvenirs to go home in the city market. Plane to the sunrise. DAY 2013-11-05 then travel back from Sabah for two and a half years, tourist souvenirs sent away, broken off, throw away, we thought he should be on the trip without what impression, who knows we have a chat about adults by boat, he suddenly talking about sitting in the sea boat, speedboat round the whole people they lean over the things; and huoshao also let him remember, occasionally see the sunset.相关的主题文章: