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Leading LETV day ASUS released the first licensed mobile phone snapdragon 821 Tencent digital news (Wu Bin) Beijing time on September 20th, ASUS held a press conference in Beijing, released in Taiwan before the ZenFone 3 series of mobile phone collective appearance, due to bring music as music Pro in tomorrow will be 3, so ASUS fully deserve to become the mainstream mobile phone first. A release is equipped with 821 Xiaolong chip smart mobile phone. ZenFone 3 Zunjue unveiled the Beijing conference of ASUS ZenFone 3 mobile phone a total of four models, which were named ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3, ZenFone Barbara Zunjue, ZenFone 3 flagship 3 euro. The most attention is equipped with 821 Xiaolong chip ZenFone 3 Zunjue, it is ZenFone 3 Deluxe licensed version. In appearance, the new monarch metal craft, not exposed antenna design, surface using zirconium sand spraying process, easily contaminated with fingerprints. Equipped with a 5.7 inches 1080p Super AMOLED display, built-in 6GB memory and 256GB UFS2.0 storage space body (support 128GB memory card expansion), providing a 80 billion 23 million pixel camera (laser focus), NFC, 3000mAh battery, dual card dual standby, running Android 6 system. In addition, ZenFone 3 Zunjue equipped with a new generation of five magnetic speaker and NXP intelligent amplifier, according to ASUS, the mobile phone is comparable to the general consumer Bluetooth speaker. At the same time support for fingerprint recognition, fast charging 3 technology and USB3.0 Type-C interface. ZenFone3 at ZenFone3 disdain for the biggest characteristic is has a 6.8 inch giant screen, the screen resolution is 1080P, accounting for 79% of the screen, with the Corelle 4 generation gorilla glass. For ZenFone3 configuration, equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 652 processor, combined with 4GB of memory to run. Camera specifications and ZenFone3 Zunjue same as 23 million pixels, optical image stabilization. Because the ZenFone3 that is equipped with a 6.8 inch screen, corresponding to 4600mAh battery, and support for the QC 3 fast charge, it is worth mentioning that, ZenFone3 also can be used as a disdain for mobile power, charging for other mobile devices. ZenFone3 is a flagship self smart smart mobile phone camera, the main camera with 1600 pixels, support 4 axis optical image stabilization, equipped with a laser focusing module, hybrid AF can realize phase, contrast, laser in three ways, the fastest 0.03 seconds focus. On the other hand, ZenFone 3 Euro with a 5.5 inch 1080P display screen resolution level, accounting for up to 77.3%, equipped Xiaolong 625 processor, the processor uses 14nm architecture, with eight core, power and performance have a good performance. Supplemented.相关的主题文章: