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Reference-and-Education Lean Six Sigma is one of the latest management tools used globally to bring in cultural change and improve organizational performance by optimizing quality, speed, and the cost of doing business. Lean Six Sigma is the .bination of two world-class approaches to organizational performance improvement, Lean and Six Sigma. If you are a student or have just started your career and if you get trained on Lean Six Sigma, you will definitely have a better opportunity to get absorbed by the best organizations globally .pared to the person who is not equipment with this latest management tool. Organizations prefer trained persons so that they can reduce their own cost. As a student or a fresher if you get yourself trained on this latest management tool of Lean Six Sigma, you then definitely have an upper edge over other students of your college / class who are not trained on this concept. Also the .panies that .e for the campus interview consider you as a ready material for their industry and they know that you can contribute more than the other fresher who they will be recruiting. The .pany clearly understands that if you are certified or trained in Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma, once you join you can immediately take up an improvement project in your area or you can also join the continuous improvement cell of the organization. This in-turn saves millions of dollars for the organization that recruits you. As a Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt you take up improvement projects for improving Productivity, Improving Quality, Reducing Cost, Improving delivery of Goods or Services, Improving Safety and above all improving the Morale of the employees. With this concept of Lean Six Sigma you can bring in a Cultural Change in the organization and you can make the employees more focused towards improvements. As a student / fresher you can easily .plete Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification programs. However for doing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification program you generally require a minimum of 3 years of work experience. Also for doing the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you do not actually require to .plete a project for the purpose of certification r it is re.mended. But for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project work is mandatory. So you can easily .plete Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt while being in the college and when you gather the required experience for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt you can then take up that particular course. These programs of Lean Six Sigma / Six Sigma i.e. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt are highly re.mended for: Engineering students (All the branches) Management students (All the Branches) Medical students (All the Branches) Science students (All the Branches) Arts students (All the Branches) It is actually re.mended that students of any college / branch should learn Lean Six Sigma. This would save a lot of money for yourself, for the .anization you work, for the Nation you live in. And this in turn creates a learned society. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: