Learn eight ways to exercise your photography skills xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Understand the eight exercise your photography means and any other occupation or skill, photography is also need to constantly improve, as long as there is room to rise, we should strive for the improvement of even 1%. Whether we see themselves as a professional photographer or amateur, should remember the "Knowledge has no limit. Yongpangaofeng," this sentence. However, we will often face the following difficulties in continuous shooting, month after month and year after year, the shooting mode we often form a kind of inherent, and no longer wish to change or is difficult to find room for improvement because of falling to their "comfort zone". So, how can we make our photographic technology to a higher level? Here I will provide eight ways to help you better exercise their photography skills. 1, only focusing lens zoom lens there have to say, greatly facilitate our work, by allowing us to transform between different focal lengths, out of shooting is no longer a need to carry large amounts of lens physical labor. Despite the obvious advantages, there are more and more people tend to buy equipment in the selection of zoom lens, but the traditional focus lens still has its own unique advantages. One of them is to make us more diligent, or to force us into the subject for more careful observation, or to move back and forth to find the best shooting angle. Therefore, the next time you go out shooting, we recommend that you only carry a fixed focus lens, then try in the blundering society slow our pace, a "slow" photography way to try to more carefully examine the works with their own. 2, in the worst conditions to shoot this statement is somewhat contradictory, after all, as a photographer we should be in the best possible conditions, especially under the conditions of light shooting. But if it is to temper the photography, photography is a good way in the worst condition. Not only does it help us to train our ability to deal with different conditions, but it also helps us to open our minds and show more creativity. You know, for professional photography work, not every shooting conditions can be perfect. For example, if you are interested in landscape photography, you can try to shoot in cloudy or cloudy conditions. 3, memory card, leaving only a big advantage of less space digital photography era is that we no longer need to consider the problem of waste film, usually our memory card has enough space to meet us all day or even longer shooting needs, and not to care about the filming process according to how many times the shutter. However, this convenience will also be a reason for our laziness, according to the shutter is no longer a need to be cautious action. Just imagine, if you only take 24 pictures of words, so you will simply press the shutter? Taking only a limited amount of storage for a certain number of photos can force us to think about the composition, the light and the focus of each photo. Of course, perhaps a more rigorous training is to use film to shoot, so that we.相关的主题文章: