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Wealth-Building I used to confuse loving myself with conceit and arrogance but have .e to realize that self love is a vital prerequisite to being able to achieve financial freedom. Why? Because unless you love yourself, its very hard for others to truly love you. Love is the most powerful vibration in the universe and love will attract the people, circumstances and opportunities necessary for you to achieve financial freedom . A healthy level of self love also creates a profound sense of inner happiness which is the rock on which wealth, true fulfillment and success are based. Once this rock is in place, no person or situation can ever play on your 2 primary fears the fears we all hold as human beings: 1. That youre not enough 2. That you wont be loved Virtually everyone has experienced these fears at some time in life and can point to a situation or circumstance where they kicked in. Many people point to their experiences of a dysfunctional family while growing up but this one wont wash as most psychologists agree that around 85% of families are dysfunctional in some way. The question is whether you have been able to recognize the above as universal fears and to move beyond allowing them to exercise any real measure of control over your life. This is a tough call and something that may require some sort of crisis or critical moment in life to fully appreciate. So how do you learn to love yourself? One of the best ways is described by Jo Vitale in his sensational book Zero Limits. Say to yourself every day and with feeling I love you, thank you, please f.ive me, Im sorry. If you find this hard to believe, just do it repeatedly and with feeling any time youre feeling not enough in some way or not loved. Another excellent way to increase the self love is to keep a daily gratitude journal. My partner Nikki and I make notes in our gratitude journals at the end of every day. Drift off to sleep feeling a deep sense of gratitude and the subconscious mind will heal your life while youre asleep and help create a profound sense of self love. The Law of Attraction is also known as The Law of Love. The best way to make The Law Of Attraction work for you is to love yourself first. Do this and when you achieve financial freedom , the feelings and sense of wellbeing will be so much richer and more fulfilling. Isnt this ultimately what we all want from life to feel good? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: