Led filament lamp bright prospects, super era of light source to obtain the Crystal LED filament pat 9c8996

LED filament lamp bright light, ultra era made crystal electric LED filament patent technology – Sohu [Technews] LED science news hot filament lamp current LED lighting market potential products, and mastered the key technology patents LED chip maker EPISTAR, actively through the patent authorization extension market. Crystal electric recently announced, with the Hongkong lighting plant super time light source signed a patent licensing contract, the LED filament patents related to the super era light source, accelerate the layout of the LED filament lamp market. Hongkong chaoshidai light source R & D sales LED filament lamp and lighting products, a subsidiary of the new (Shaoxing) and green lighting, lighting brand Luktek, is also the focus of production and product development of LED tungsten lamp. In June 2016, Chinese LED package Linsen chaoshidai light source acquisition of Dachang 80% stake to 315 million yuan, for the purpose of obtaining LED filament lamp technology, improve production capacity and market share, but also help Linsen into European channel. Chaoshidai light source now has further crystal electric LED filament related patents, is also to provide the impetus for the layout of LED filament lamp field rawlinson. LED not only has a RETRO art lamp filament lamp appearance, but also have the advantages of energy saving, light and luminous effect, become one of the key areas of the LED Lighting Factory active layout, especially Europe halogen lamp out of the policy will soon be on the road, is expected to set off LED filament lamp replacement tide, strong market demand driven. Crystal electric filament lamp with LED core technology patents, including LED filament filament lamp technology related patent portfolio, the relevant patent portfolio owned in Taiwan, China, Europe and other regions, is continuously through the patent authorization, and promote the strategy partner, at the same time with the customer to design the product, further to expand the global market territory. Because of this, crystal electricity also pay more attention to the protection of their own technology and intellectual property rights. In August 30th this year, crystal electric in the United States, North California district court accused Adamax infringement of a number of LED filament patent, requesting the court to prohibit the Adamax Newhouse Lighting brand to continue selling infringing products. Two months later, the two sides have recently reached a settlement, EPISTAR said it would no longer pursue Adamax liability, but Adamax still had to sell LED products in the future to filament crystal electric payment rights gold. Now manufacturers EPISTAR, Linsen etc. overall layout of LED filament lamp field, in the mature technology to promote the development of the market, accelerate the expansion of market scale, prompting LED filament lamps become mainstream lighting products of the day after. The first figure (source: "science news" in the 2016 Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition crystal electric booth. The picture shows the crystal LED filament lamp products Further reading: if you need more information, please pay attention to WeChat public account: Technew相关的主题文章: