Li Chunjiang after the game in order to enjoy their best players

Li Chunjiang after the game in order to enjoy their best players like: Li Chunjiang on the sidelines of calm command Youth Times reporter Huang Chengyu 102 than 88! "Team spirit" without Lin Zhijie, but this does not hinder the Guangsha victory over Fujian team on the road, a good start for the new season CBA. In this game, two new signings of remarkable performance, Fortson had 26 points and 7 assists, Liu Zheng comprehensive data harvest 7 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists, after coach Li Chunjiang on two players made a point of praise. Coach Li Chunjiang took Liu Zheng to the press hall, he first on the game are summarized, "the game team was in defense and rebounding is in place, the enthusiasm and initiative, reflects the requirements before coaching". Li Chunjiang took the technical statistics, to see the team appeared 16 turnovers, he did not blame, the first game, we can not let go in the opening, the error is more than normal, because we want to play well. This is a process of gradual transition, continue to work hard." The game is also the team’s two new aid Fortson and Liu Zheng’s first show, the performance of eye-catching, Liu Zheng is also good, contributed a total of 7 points and 6 assists, 5 rebounds. "They are very hard, including before the preseason or team training or. From today’s defensive side of the game can also be seen, they hit the floor is the number of times. I hope they will accumulate more and more confidence in the next game." Li Chunjiang commented. In the game, in order to steal a ball, Liu Zheng in the middle near the body sideways slammed on the floor, I see people trembling. In and out of the press hall, Li Chunjiang is also the first time to ask Liu Zheng, who said that does not matter, will continue to do a good job.相关的主题文章: