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Li Dazhao Memorial Hall: the great red flag – Hebei iron shoulder up channel — original title: iron shoulder held great red flag (History Memorial parade) wall column white, grey ridge eaves, Front Gate inlaid with Comrade Jiang Zemin personally wrote the name of the museum, solemn and solemn. The station is located in Hebei County of Leting province Li Dazhao Memorial Hall (see photo by reporter Shi Ziqiang), a great admiration and grief to arise spontaneously. Li Dazhao memorial hall is the exhibition of the life and work of Comrade Li Dazhao, but also the center of the study of the center of the work of the people’s Republic of China in the world. It has become an important base for the education of revolutionary tradition and patriotism education and history education. The memorial hall of the central axis from South and North, the first thing is the 8 magnificent feat column shows the eight valiant record of Li Dazhao’s life. From the museum into the museum to climb 38 steps, meaning Li Dazhao’s life through the red life of the past 38 years. Iron shoulders moral, hand the "famous Memorial antithetical couplet hung on Li Dazhao’s life, is the reflection of moral cultivation and learning. In order to revitalize the Chinese nation, the courage, persistence, Li Dazhao used his words and deeds, and blood and life, while the great red flag of communism. Looking back the history of years, from the leadership of the May 4th Movement, to create Chinese Communist Party; from the leadership to the North peasant movement, the establishment of the revolutionary united front, Li Dazhao’s life is always in the struggle for national salvation revolutionary truth. Even in jail, torture, Li Dazhao always "attitude is very calm, not panic". His daughter, Li Xinghua, later wrote in an article: "the expression on his face was very calm and calm. His heart is occupied by a great power." In the exhibition hall, a large group of people. At that time, the white terror clouds, after Li Dazhao suffered dreadful suffering, still valiant, fearless of death for a just cause. Until April 28, 1927, Li Dazhao and 19 other revolutionaries with blood to defend the generous Funan, revolutionary belief. Before walking through the sculpture, such as through the torrent of history, shocking. 95 years later, the pioneers in the hands of the revolutionary flame is still shining. A visit at the memorial hall of the party said, "pioneer Dazhao fought, thousands of subsequent party members. The spirit of revolution, there are successors." This ideal just as Li Dazhao said, "look at the future of the world, the world will be a red flag!" (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: