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Li Keqiang: China remains the world’s best investment destination – Sohu news [Li Keqiang: China remains the world’s best investment destination] Li Keqiang 21 afternoon visit in Shanghai Free Trade Zone in the U.S. Ge Corp (GE) Chinese headquarters and China development headquarters. FTA policy dividend and a good business environment, attracting the multinational giants will be the world’s first Asia Pacific operations center and the United States outside the first digital innovation in Shanghai. The prime minister said that the choice of GE itself shows that China is still the world’s best investment destination. Li Keqiang: human resources is the largest development of China’s gold mine] Li Keqiang 21 days visit Shanghai FTA GE China Science and Technology Park, where more than 5000 Chinese and foreign employees. The prime minister talks with employees of different nationalities. He said, China 170 million received higher education and professional skills training of personnel, the first world total human resources is the largest gold mine China development, local and returnee talents is our great wealth. [Li Keqiang GE Chinese: investigation of multinational enterprises have the "double"] Li Keqiang 21 inspection GE China research and development headquarters. The person in charge, this new digital Innovation workshop has become GE’s "double center": change the past "behind closed doors" for open innovation, not only in the internal collaborative innovation, provide solutions to other enterprises, and attract the brain to participate in innovation. The prime minister praised the mob force set trimaran innovation space. [Shanghai free trade zone is 3 years old, the prime minister is here again! Shanghai free trade zone 3 years old, Li Keqiang came here again in November 21st, the past three years to inspect the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in the past third years. Since 2013, the prime minister urged Shanghai to establish a free trade zone, here will become the new era of "reform heights", not only from the original 28 square kilometers to 120 square kilometers today in Guangdong, Tianjin, and Fujian to reproduce the 10 pieces of "reform and open field". Li Keqiang click the mouse, the Shanghai free trade area to start a " double random " spot checks] to protect food safety is greater than the day, I chose the ‘food safety’ regulation of this column." 21, Premier Li Keqiang visits Shanghai FTA market supervision and Management Bureau invited the click of a mouse, 27 food companies were randomly selected and randomly checked, dozens of law enforcement personnel, through the comprehensive online monitoring platform, launched a "double random checks". Li Keqiang talk about things in the post regulation: I believe that people should believe in the system, however, Li Keqiang 21 days visit Shanghai free trade zone market supervision and administration. The Council will be the original industry and commerce, quality supervision, food and drug administration, the price supervision and inspection functions into a "four in one" online integrated law enforcement platform to carry out a double random open and other market regulation. The prime minister affirmed the use of the system to restrict the administrative departments of administrative law enforcement discretion. He said, but to believe in the system. Li Keqiang: the more fair the market, the more active the market main body] Li Keqiang 21, Shanghai FTA market supervision bureau. The Council’s public appeal to deal with the original information platform will be integrated into 5 complaints hotline, a great convenience to the masses and enterprises, the admissibility of the past 3 years.相关的主题文章: