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Li Xiaofeng "live" hit "lengtouqing" Bad Samaritans – Entertainment Sohu Li Xiaofeng stills directed by Zhang Yongxin, Wang Zhifei, Li Xiaofeng, Liu Mintao starred in the TV series "home" is a prime time hit cctv. As the story progresses, 844000 team progress again obstructed, the story is more complicated, the problem of family, interests erupted again, played by Li Xiaofeng Ling Shan in the latest progress in order to ex Cheng Qingqing agreed to move, to persuade his father to let Cheng Qingqing join the company, but Cheng Qingqing ungrateful rebuffed, Ling Shan kind do bad, very angry. "Live" as a warm realistic theme TV series, focuses on the relocation team into the North beam of people’s lives, realize their easy and hard, not hardships to help people to leave a small Shabby Cottage, in the elegant and spacious building. A number of problems of family disputes, the interests of greed, stubborn thought, played by Li Xiaofeng Ling Shan is a princess, listen to superiors to join the grassroots 844000 group, stem from the hard task of 844000. At first, the pure Ling Shan is whimsical and self assertion, members called her "lengtouqing", but after adjustment of these residents, Ling Shan metamorphosis. Li Xiaofeng in the play acting, she is greatly, with the details of creating a out of the ordinary two rich generation. Li Xiaofeng’s personal growth, the audience is also obvious. She is the host, actor is now a singer. She was a quiet family headed female anchor ", she appeared in the TV series" home "has won a good reputation, her singing out everyone my own story. Please pay attention to the TV series "home", Li Xiaofeng’s new song "everyone has a story", to witness the transformation of the Li Xiaofeng.   相关的主题文章: