Lian Fang was elected Japan’s largest opposition party new leader-sweets parade

Lian Fang was elected Japan’s largest opposition party new original title: Lian Fang was elected Japan’s largest opposition party leader for the party in the new figure for Lian Fang (right 1), Maehara Makotoshi (right 2), Tamaki Yuichiro (right 3) three people met with reporters the same day. China News Agency reporter Wang Jian photo China News Agency, Tokyo (reporter Wang Jian) in September 15, the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan held the afternoon of 15 temporary general meeting voted the new leader, the results here on the popular politician Lian Fang to win advantages, become the party’s new leader. In the day announced the first place members and all Party members and supporters to vote, and then on the spot by the Party Congress, the state election decided the voting results, Renho is easy leading to win. According to the rules of conversion of counting points, Ren Ho finally votes more than accounted for 60% of the total, the successful election. Thus, the 48 year old, female members have half of Chinese descent, to replace the Katsuyaokada presidency, has become Japan’s largest opposition party (including its predecessor, the era of the Democratic Party’s first female leader). Lian Fang was elected to reporters after the meeting said that the DPP "can let people become" party, the ruling party to return to the show to help a willingness. The new party’s first election, Katsuyaokada and other party Renho got strength chiefs support, outside voices are high. The main competitor for the veteran politician Maehara Makotoshi has served as foreign minister of the party. Another major won the "Young Turks" candidate Tamaki Yuichiro, is still a junior. Although it is at the critical moment of the campaign, created a controversy and the status of the entanglement of Lian fang. But it has not been able to prevent its overwhelming superiority. The analysis of this is generally believed that this is Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party and its supporters hope people with Lian Fang’s high visibility, and outstanding skills, the current decline is difficult to help push the party vibration quickly out of adversity eagerly looking forward to interacte. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: