Liaoning in August this year, 647 people were punished for violation of the provisions of the

Liaoning in August this year 647 people were punished in violation of eight provisions – Beijing, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network (reporter Mei Tianqing) according to Liaoning discipline inspection network news, the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and actively use information supervision means, give full play to the supervision of the masses, the network supervision function, to prevent the four winds rebound, thorough investigation of the problem of discipline violations. Continued efforts to increase. As of now, the "problem of sharing and feedback platform to investigate clues transferred to the local discipline inspection commission investigating the masses violate the provisions of the central eight problems since 102, involving 142 enterprises (thing) business unit staff. 1 to August, the province has dealt with violations of the provisions of the central eight mental problems 605, 647 party and government discipline. Provincial Discipline inspection organs at all levels always violate the provisions of the central eight mental behavior as the discipline review focus, especially in the Mid Autumn Festival, national day two period, more strict discipline, adhere Zhuazao catch small. At the same time, efforts to increase accountability, to close hand does not stop, avoid the organization supervision, discipline violations, strengthen tracking supervision, will be severely punished. In the network platform by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to the 102 cases around the discipline investigating violations make arrangements for weddings, the most prominent problem of the village (community) grassroots party members and cadres were investigated and dealt with the largest number of 52 people, accounting for 36.6%.相关的主题文章: