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Lily married mystery: the New Energy Company acquisition losses marriage company to do? Sina finance three new board hearing yesterday, A shares of listed companies can treasure Xinyuan announced that the company’s acquisition of a stake in Lily network, a total cash transaction price of about 882 million yuan, after the completion of the acquisition, accounting for Lily network shares of 26.42%, becoming the largest shareholder. Lily network Po new energy to the valuation of 3 billion 900 million yuan. Although more than 800 million yuan of the purchase in the new three view is not a small number, but Lily net total assets of about 1 billion 800 million yuan, the total assets of more than 10 billion yuan of new energy, and will not constitute a major asset restructuring. New energy industry is the new energy power generation, Lily network is a loss of marriage, this very far industries and companies, how to look? This new energy acquisitions is why? The recent acquisition of A shares of the company’s new three Board companies, what do you want? New energy in last year’s report had explained their future business path, "strong and new energy power in the construction of large financial platform bigger, covering banking, securities, funds, investment, insurance, credit." In other words, the development of financial services will become a new source of profit. The lily network dating service, in addition to the line, has begun to extend to the marriage chain, involved in the marriage wedding consumer financial services, and related real estate services, and new energy planning is suitable. New energy claimed, just as Chinese optimistic about Lily network marriage service provider of the space industry, a new format is unique, and numerous online real name registration of users and active users, are likely to provide support and market space for the development of Internet banking. Acquisition of Lily network, access to a large number of registered users and active users, which is more practical than the promotion of publicity. Love is simple, but marriage can play a synergistic effect of new energy plan, also need time to test. If we say, from energy to the Internet and the Internet is too large in the span of the financial sector, some of the original intention of the acquisition of three new board A companies are more clear in the business development and extension of the plate is also more conducive to achieve. A week ago, in the Department of electrical acquisition of 488 million new board company Xingcheng graphite is an example. R & D, production and sales of Xingcheng mainly engaged in graphite anode materials for lithium ion batteries, covering power (electric vehicles, energy storage) and consumer electronics (soft, cylindrical, Fang Ke) and other lithium ion batteries. Since 2014, Xingcheng graphite of the top two customers for BYD and Forster. Financial data show that in 2014, 2015 and 2016 Xingcheng graphite respectively from 1 to April operating income of 56 million 829 thousand and 900 yuan, 102 million yuan, 60 million 591 thousand yuan; the same period attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of 5 million 633 thousand and 900 yuan, 14 million 816 thousand and 800 yuan and 10 million 876 thousand and 800 yuan. For this acquisition, the company said, the company intends to acquire the field of business extends to the new energy, new materials, change the company’s main business single profit model, the downturn in the steel industry to reduce the相关的主题文章: