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Lin Chiling set up a charity: good things about my life and death are willing to sign the "VOGUE" – Sohu Lin Chiling entertainment Sohu cover entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Chiling day before filming "VOGUE" cover, Tall trees catch much wind she asked whether there is a little regret, she became "Lin Chiling" shook his head and said: "no, because this name, let me have the power and resources, people are willing to listen to you, so that I can have more chance to do the things you want to do, it covers all the unhappy, this is relative price, is the only reason I exist. Very fair." To set up a foundation for 5 years, Lin Chiling from the orphanage children to children’s health, even Sichuan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and other places cover the school dormitory, will set up a "Zhi Ling sister early intervention center", her true feelings to do "Lin Chiling" happy. Donated to the hospital to save more than a few children; because of the dormitory, the children do not have more time and willingness to learn, this is the world’s greatest joy. "An international organization to take the initiative to contact some time ago, want to talk about some projects, after I listened to say, if they could get a helping hand extended to the world, you want me to sign a contract and I would like to. Compared to the entertainment industry, which for me, is the biggest affirmation."   相关的主题文章: