Lin Dan training still wears sponsor brand December 31st holiday will end-shiyang

Lin Dan still wear brands December 31st holiday will end Lin Dan returned to training a universal concern Lin Dan was photographed derailment in two days later, with his wife Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan return to the training field of tolerance to people from the topic of gradually cooling. What happened between the two couples in the past two days? Has been the national seal for the high quality of God Lin Dan is how to spend the most gloomy days of life? Perhaps at this time can be slowly opened. The day of the incident had two people cut off from the outside world at the beginning of November, Lin Dan just upgrade dangdie, both parents came home to take care of the baby and Xie Xingfang. Lin Dan did not delay training because of the birth of the child. Derailment exposed on the same day, Lin Dan also planned in sports training, the night before he lived in the apartment administration. However, I did not expect that, second days to wake up, he actually became entertainment channel, see the protagonist of the "9". 9 in the morning, Lin Dan was the news shocked the whole country fried up, how to face his wife at home he is the first problem to be solved, which later in the day he should fly to Guangzhou to participate in the Guangzhou auto show, and after an emergency meeting to discuss the sponsors, also decided to cancel the activity. No one knows how Lin Dan faced Xie Xingfang that day, and no one knew what they were talking about. But that day, even the team can not contact Lin Dan, close to the close friend of, WeChat has not received any reply from her. Only at noon, micro-blog announced the Lin Dan’s unique punctuation without apology. Second, accompanied by his wife around the team apologized for the incident for second days, the national team coach who has been unable to contact Lin Dan finally got the message. Because is lactation, plus home has just experienced a storm, Xie Xingfang early on the rest, in order not to disturb the wife to rest, all the phones and WeChat have to wait until morning before reply. "This time, I was really wrong! I’m really sorry for the trouble." Almost everyone receives the message that contains the words. Because the private life of their own, have cultivated his national team is pushed in the teeth of the storm, I was the only thing he could do. After almost a full day of waiting, finally took his wife Xie Xingfang and his son’s hand took the picture, released the "pull together in times of trouble" of micro-blog. Third days to return to the State Sports General Administration Training after with the coach to apologize, Lin Dan also told the coach group their vacation is to December 31st, that is to say, he also began to prepare for the return to the national team. Yesterday morning, Lin Dan’s brokerage team released a message in the circle of friends, he was in the photo of the State Sports General Administration of training in the gym, under the leadership of the division of physical fitness, leg training. The broker said: "take a detour, work and life is normal, refueling Lin Dan!" From the Lin Dan training can be seen in the photos, he still wears signed a ten year contract sponsor brand clothes, his physical trainer to help him practice in leg muscles. And Lin Dan on the national team to the end of January 2017, according to the current situation, this.相关的主题文章: