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Lippi officially became the national football coach said that help Chinese football progress – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Fang Liang) 3 afternoon, Chinese Football Association held Chinese national football team coach will meet the media, Italy coach Lippi officially become a new term Chinese soccer coach. National history ushered in the history of the tenth foreign coaches, but also the history of the most famous coach. After a lapse of 15 years, China once again into the World Cup Asian twelve finals. But in the first four games, the country did not win a game only take 1 points. When he was coach Gao Hongbo in the country after the resignation of the Ukrainian war. After the Football Association began an emergency job, only 8 days, to October 22nd with Lippi. Today’s conference, appeared together with Lippi and many of his former subordinates. The coaching team Chinese, Lippi recalled him in Guangzhou Hengda coach of the same people, including assistant coach Maddaloni, chief scout Peizuodi, goalkeeping coach Rampulla, fitness coach Gaudino, rehabilitation coach Cotti, medical adviser Castellazzi and Li Tie. Lippi said at the press conference, very pleased to be able to return to china. He recalled the origin of the Chinese football, said the country had been rejected because the body back and Hengda contract. He said that the obsession of the Chinese back in Italy, "has been thinking about one day to return to Chinese." After Lippi took office, the first task is to match the remaining twelve of the race led campaign. Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua also said that to continue to fight for the World Cup finals possible. Lippi admitted that China’s national team players are capable, powerful players, but they need to increase their sense of responsibility, sense of mission. His next goal is to build a strong team, dedication, excellent psychological quality, assume the rise and fall of the country consciousness of team tactics, and then build a team. Although the situation is difficult in the World Cup qualifiers, promotion opportunities are not large, but we need to unite as one, to play our team’s ability to complete this impossible task. Next we consider the long-term development of Chinese football." Lippi said, China is now one of the most important countries in the world, I believe will help Chinese football progress."相关的主题文章: