Listing 15 years sales of over 1 million 800 thousand new Bora battles a class car market-remonstrate

The latest listing of 15 years sales of over 1 million 800 thousand new Bora battles the A-class car market data show that the FAW – Volkswagen brand a total of 1-7 months 689338 new car sales, an increase of 15.5%, of which the Bora (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) contribution can not be ignored. One can become widely loved by the users and sales of durable models, obviously has its attractions. It is undeniable that the FAW – Volkswagen Bora car Chinese has become the evergreen tree in the city, still maintained strong vitality. From the market since 2001, more than 1 million 800 thousand owners chose Bora, even in the A-class car market segments for the fierce competition, the last still produce a good 204280 transcripts, and this figure is the FAW – Volkswagen last year accounted for 18% of total sales, the contribution rate of ginseng, after Sagitar (picture Jetta (inquiry), and ginseng, pictures, inquiry). "Happy life interesting change" of the new Bora Bora in March this year, with "life interest change" as the slogan in the upgrade. "The more strides, the new Bora is still alive, the latest data show that its July sales of about 17 thousand vehicles. Remove the new shape design, EA211 series engine, "TSI+DSG" gold dynamic combination of these factors, the new Bora whether and how far? We may be able to see from the following details. MQB style multifunction steering wheel is equipped with the latest popular new Bora MQB style multifunction steering wheel, not only are more vivid, in line with ergonomic design, to hold and feel very comfortable, comfortable operation. Barrel type white backlight combination instrument white backlight design of barrel type combination instrument, data, clear at a glance; "LCD screen barrel" between, can display a variety of commonly used real-time traffic information, including mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), instantaneous and average speed, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, driving time, mileage etc.. In many owners view, this design is very intimate. Seat fabric by Art Velours® senior senior perforated leather flannelette collocation it is worth noting that the new Bora in the seat also pioneered the use of the most popular new Art Velours® senior flannel material collocation and senior perforated leather. Ergonomic design of the seat model, it can fit the human shoulder, waist and legs, improve ride comfort at the same time, but also can effectively relieve the driver’s fatigue of long-distance driving. In the human setting, the design of the special storage card slot, door board integrated storage box, folding ash box, folding cup holder and other details of the design, fully consider and meet the actual needs of Chinese consumers. Automatic air conditioning Clean collocation Air® PM2.5 air filter element such as Kessy capacitive keyless entry, a key start system, electric folding exterior mirrors, with intelligent lifting and clamping function of skylights and windows, and the front seat heating function, automatic air conditioning, Clean Air® PM2.5 air filter and other useful equipment,.相关的主题文章: