Lithographic times to film, do you think this business is not selling

Lithographic times to film, do you think this business is not selling tickets like last year’s online movie ticket platform great in strength and impetus are up, rely on lithography era WeChat and QQ diversion started is no exception. In September 26th, they held the brand conference, announced the establishment of entertainment and entertainment film jump jump into the distribution, production and distribution etc.. At the same time, in order to meet the new name Yue Yue, was originally responsible for selling tickets to the ticket also changed the name of the child into a ticket. Entertainment Investment and production of Yue film is responsible for film and television. In the first 10 projects released in the era of micro film, nearly half of the adaptation project. "Changan twelve hour" adapted from Mobley Yong’s novel, tells the story of the city of Changan Turks intended massacre, only one death to save Changan, but only twelve hours. At present, the novel has been completed and will be published by the end of the year. According to Ma Boyong on micro-blog’s argument, in July when the film adaptation has been started. In addition, because the "get out of it! Tumor Jun "famous late cartoonist can other works" Cougar "as a representative of" log, and other works to us eventually lost youth ", the writer will also be Yu Yue Magnolia dock adapted into film and television works related pictures. In the original content, the most concern is by Ge You, Yue Yunpeng starred in the movie "broken piece". Director Guo Shuang is the director of the Department of drama, as a TV series "little Daddy" editor and the 2014 film "Tropic of cancer" director. "Broken piece" is a comedy, but the specific content and other original videos without further information. Despite the entertainment debut in the press conference debut, but the shadow of the era has long been involved in the issue of publicity. In September last year, they got the film distribution business license to obtain the qualifications of independent film distribution. Previously, they are involved in the "return", "go"! Tumor Jun and other films of the issue. From a platform to sell movie tickets to the layout of the film industry’s production and distribution, not only the shadow of the times is doing so. Renamed Amoy ticket Taobao film got bona Huace and a number of film and television companies and announced that they have to transition to become a marketing platform. The cat’s movie in the group from the United States after the splitting of received light independent investment, cat’s eye is also hoping to get more "industry resources". These movements and positions that online movie ticket market has undergone tremendous changes. In fact, just a year ago, most of these ticketing platforms like to say how much they sold, the share of the market share is how much. Once the cat related data of suspected fraud also caused the industry to discuss. But the facts show that the number of tickets sold is not something to brag about. First, the increase in the number of tickets is only based on the price war. Which can provide low fares, which the market share can be promoted in a short time. Secondly, the film itself is not a profitable business, just like Guevara, even in the release of the link is still not profitable. As a matter of fact, selling movie tickets can only.相关的主题文章: