Long march five at the end of the first flight of China’s largest thrust launch vehicle – Sohu news-brock lesnar

Long march five at the end of the first to fly China maximum thrust rocket – Sohu News newspaper Beijing on 26 August, (reporter Wu Yuehui, Yu Jianbin) reporter from the national defense science and Industry Bureau, the National Aeronautics and space administration was informed that: China’s largest thrust new generation carrier rocket Long March five development work completed. In August 26th, the fleet Yuanwang rocket transport carrying the rocket sail from Tianjin port to Wenchang, China spaceport. According to the project plan, the first mission of the long march five rocket will be implemented by the end of the year. The long march five is a new generation carrier rocket with the largest capacity in our country, which adopts a new design of the rocket body structure, power, electrical and launch support system. The rocket core diameter of 5 meters, 3.35 meters in diameter bundled 4 boosters, takeoff thrust of more than 1000 tons. According to the national defense science and Industry Bureau, deputy director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Wu Yanhua, long march five is the milepost upgrading of our rocket and an important symbol of the realization of China’s liquid rocket diameter from 3.35 meters to 5 meters across, to China’s entry into the space capacity of up to 2.5 times above, will undertake the following Lunar Exploration Project three, the first manned space station, Mars and other major national science and technology project launch multiple task.相关的主题文章: