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As my friend advised ‘Fashion fades, style is eternal!’ An old friend of mine once said, if one’s choice of cocktail reflects one’s own personal style, then so does the seat on which the drink is enjoyed. My friend’s advice was, bar stools have to be .fortable whether one is having a nightcap or dinner. He also said that the purchase of a bar stool involves much more than choosing just a particular design. I realized that although the choice of bar stools seemed simple enough, it needs a little bit of thinking and planning ahead. Sure, there is a myriad of styles to choose from that is, old-world pub to modern cafe to tropical resort. But someone suggested, if you’re searching for durable bar stools, Texas retailers can help you with fabulous options. Getting the drill right I previously tried vintage lab stools. But, somehow the design simply din’t work well with our small home space. So this summer, I decided to renovate my home game room in such a way that would add style to my small home while the furnitures won’t take up additional space. I always wanted wood and woven bar stools. Texas retailers had wonderful wooden options. So I chose wooden backless bar stools that would be great since they require less space. I settled for 24 Magellan Swivel Counter Stool in Brandy that seemed to be the most appropriate for my game room. If you’re searching for similar 360-degree swivel bar stools, Texas retailers can help you with them. Three primary factors that fascinated me the most about this bar stool were: Its attractive design Faux leather seat over high-density foam cushion And, remembering the REAL reason for building up my game room was to chug beer with my friends, I thought that this bar stool would actually make us swivel up to the bar! As they say – ‘Serious’ is a word that must be avoided when it .es to decoration I’m partial towards using contrasting colors in decor. It gives the entire decor a collected-over-time feel. So next up on my list was home theater seating in shades of beige. If you happen to be in Texas, home theater seating options are aplenty. I went for four seats with leather upholstery. I must say that I couldn’t take my eyes off from my game room. To make my room a little more entertaining, I bought pool cues. Texas -based retailers offer some great options for them. So if you’re in Texas, pool cues are easy to find. My game room looked pretty awesome and .plete. With the addition of a pool table, pool cues, lovely home theater seating, the renovation seemed totally worth. So if you’re looking for strong and sturdy bar stools, Texas is a great place to get them. Time for some good words that can make a smile a li’l broader A weekend party with friends was due for long, so I called them over to my place on a weekend, and asked them to bring the latest superhero flicks. Well, they are a bunch of film-addicts. Much to my pleasant surprise, that old friend of mine, in between a round of pool and a glass of beer, told me, Give me cues on how you set up your game room. It’s so inspiring that I want to do up my place the next month in this exact, classy way. Now this is probably what you call a stroke of good luck, isn’t it? About the Author: , you know is the place for you. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: