Lu Jin plans to give up the Shanghai Stock Exchange next year in IPO, Hongkong-diamondprox

Lu Jin in Hongkong plans to give up on the Sina IPO news Beijing evening news in August 25th next year, Lu Jin, the chief financial officer (CFO) Zheng Xigui said the day before, Lu Jin is preparing for the IPO (IPO) matters, or at the end of 2017 to the Hongkong listing. IPO in Shanghai had considered Lu Jin before, but due to the "13th Five-Year" plan "the draft outline" eventually deleted on "the establishment of strategic emerging industries board" content, Lu Jin decided to go to Hongkong listed heart. To attend the "Credit Suisse science and technology conference in Hongkong Wednesday Zheng Xigui told reporters:" the Shanghai Stock Exchange will launch a strategic emerging board, offshore Lu Jin means that the ownership structure of companies listed in Hong Kong will be a good choice." Zheng Xigui also pointed out that, at present, there is no timetable IPO, but has been preparing for the IPO. Zheng Xigui also said that before IPO, Lu Jin will no longer seek a new round of financing. In the last round of financing, Lu Jin’s valuation has reached $18 billion 500 million. Lu Jin and other Chinese Internet lending platform business model and LendingClub P2P lending platform similar to the United states. But from the beginning of last year, the U.S. IPO market turmoil, resulting in a number of new financial technology company’s market value has shrunk severely. For example, LendingClub’s current market value of only $2 billion, less than half of the $5 billion 400 million market capitalization. What Lu Jin called the "Shanghai Lujiazui international financial asset trading market Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 2011, the main business is for individual investors with the loan amount of about $10 thousand of the borrower matchmaking. Lu Jin chairman Ji Kui said in January this year, the company is considering the IPO in Hongkong or Shanghai, the earliest in the second half of the year listed, but also can wait until 2017, the specific date will depend on market conditions. In May this year, Ji Kui said, affected by the market turmoil and government supervision, Lu Jin will use the IPO date will be postponed to next year. Lu Jin is the largest shareholder of China Ping An insurance group, which holds a 47.5% stake in Lu Jin. Lu Jin currently has about 10000000 registered users, the total turnover of $43 billion 300 million in 2015. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: