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Lu Yi: what secret share marriage fresh things let Bao Lei decide — Hainan window — Bao Lei and Lu Yi last night, Lu Yi Bao Lei and his wife to attend a brand activities served as ambassador, in an interview, two people share a sweet ten year marriage tips, make the audience envy. Lu Yi did not forget the publicity recently hit youth Spy Drama "rouge", his wife Bao Lei also fuchangfusui: "we remember every night!" Five years not filming Bao Lei bluntly these years have shifted the focus to the family: "I enjoy the current state, did not intend to shoot." The host is the wife of Wang Han Yang Lele, she seemed to return after a couple of Bao Lei Lu Yi in good out of a bandbox, on stage, Lele grabbed marriage and family problems on two parenting advice. Is the father of two children Lu Yi conceal his feeling of happiness: "my best work is two daughters!" Bao Lei is modest, said: I think the child can grow up physically and mentally enough, the way is different from person to person." Asked about marriage tips, together across the 10 years period, 10 years of marriage and love road of Lu Yi and Bao Lei made no secret of sweet love. Lu Yi said: "as a man, my secret is to let all the things that the woman, let Bao Lei call the shots." Bao Lei said he is a lucky woman: "it is lucky that I met my husband." Yang Lele also heard from loving the show: "between husband and wife to appreciate and admire each other…… I adore my husband, Wang Han!" In "where" Dad, Belle’s performance impressed the audience. Asked whether he would let her continue to participate in the reality show, even joined the entertainment circle, Lu Yi and Bao Lei both said: "we just want to let her grow up happy now, the development of her after herself, if she love, we will not interfere too much." In the daily wear etc., two couples also give her a lot of freedom, Bao Lei said: "we do not attend the event, will wear very casual, Belle and sister have their own love elements, I will give them the views of collocation." The Chinese parents racking their brains, learning problems, two couples is quite casual, Lu Yi said: "she does not want to have good grades, have much achievement in the future. Some of my friends would advise her, but I didn’t give her too much pressure." (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: