Ma Kai, founder of VR VR is a revolution and revolution in imaging technology

A micro VR founder Ma Kai VR is an imaging technology revolution and micro whale VR founder Ma Kai Sina Technology News September 15th afternoon news, hosted by Sina Technology theme "future state" of the second session of the Sina C+ Summit on the morning of 13 in Beijing Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel officially opened the curtain, in the afternoon, the theme of "the future the mirror" in the dialogue, the thunder founder, sonhwa Yuanwang founding partner Cheng Hao, ants as the founder and CEO of Qin Zheng, micro whale VR founder Ma Kai, and former CCTV host, purple cow fund partner Zhang Quanling four guests will share the view of VR. Ma Kai mentioned the importance of the contents of the VR that VR should be cut to the core content, "suppose we cited a video content, whether it is 3D or reproduce the video capture, there is uncertainty, but it is uncertain we need to try and do some breakthrough in technology, creative content and all thoughts on." Ma Kai said that in the United States, Silicon Valley is far less than the VR startup company in Losangeles, Ma Kai think this is because of Losangeles from the Hollywood a little closer, we see a lot of directors, including the artistic director of these people out of business to do VR, rather than to the Silicon Valley for technical talents." Ma Kai believes that VR to some extent is a change in the image technology and revolution. I believe that although the VR technology or panoramic video just fire up, but at least in the video film this thing, VR can quickly enter a new height and stage." I believe that the future of VR has greater room for development, but in a short period of time, the development of VR will indeed be more inclined to entertainment, whether it is a game or video." (Zhou Xue) the following is the shorthand of the forum of the forum, Ma Kai: Frankly speaking, micro whale VR from the establishment to the present time is not long, but because before we have a whale of science and technology, there is no need for investors before. But just a little bit of spring teacher mentioned is very important, VR is the core content and the starting point and cut. The contents of VR for example, we assume for example is 3D or reproduce the video content, video capture, the existence of uncertainty, but it is uncertain we need to try and do some breakthrough in technology, creative content and all thoughts. We take the real shooting for example, before the micro side investment in the United States a whale startups Jaunt, including this year, we also set up Jaunt Chinese, we invested in a VR live in China company. First of all, it requires the introduction of technology import, based on these technologies, how do we do some VR video shooting, it requires a lot of creative personnel to join and the actual project landing. In fact micro whale VR from the beginning of this year, up to now not only is the site to participate in some of the domestic variety show recording, such as we do "Chinese new song", before "the greatest hero in the world", in the program, through the practice we answer Quanling teacher just mentioned problems. I took the scene, for example, there are two Zhang total, one is a healthy Zhang, one is the total fitness zhang. I found a little detail, healthy.相关的主题文章: