Magic Wand Tool Or Pen Tool For Manually Drawing Clipping Path; Who Does Better-魔界骑士イングリッド

Artists We are witnessing the charisma of such background manipulation and clipping path around us in almost all promotional items, items of .municational uses and advertisement. For example, magazines, catalogs, brochures, banners, flyers, calendars, poster product-packages, online shops use such technique to display millions of product in an eye-catching manner. If you look at a stunning background around you, you will easily notice that they are from clipping path. As clipping path for background removal is the most .mon and functional editing technique used today. The most usual photo of a fashion or woman magazine cover or product ad is a beautiful model with attractive hair style in front of an amazing background related to the theme of the advertisement. Do you think these photos are clicked with the said background as shown in the ad or magazine cover? No, these photos are not from original clicked photo but from two or more manipulated images. And image silo or clipping path is the quick way removes the background of these photos to give it lovely background as per the theme of such product ads. The targeted background is set after cutting the image out of its original/own background. Though you will find a number of tools in Photoshop to remove an image from its background, Clipping Path, Magic Wand Tool and Pen Tool are used as the most frequently used professional tool for such removals. Photoshop Pen Tool is an efficient tool for image outlining or image cut out service in the graphic industry. You can perform manual clipping path or hand draw a path around any object you desire to remove from the original image. But use of such tool demands expertise and creativity as well. You will find Pen Tool in the tool bar of Adobe Photoshop software which can be directly selected to draw a path through the border of the image that needs clipping. You should take extra care to notice that no necessary pixel is denied while drawing path through the edge of the object. Here expertise matters as while making expected selection of an image. A designer faces challenges while working with furry, hairy and transparent images. Such images needs Channel masking and Layer Masking techniques. Most professional clipping path jobs are usually done by Photoshop Pen tool. Magic Wand Tool is available in the tool bar when you open any version of Abobe Photoshop software. You can automatically make selection in an image and converts it into a path with Magic Wand tool. The selected area can be manipulated in terms of background elimination and color change. Though effortless technique, these automated selection made by Photoshop algorithm accurate path. Numerous anchor points are present that shows uneven edges and shows unwanted areas also. Thus magic wand tool is not for professional activities in graphics or printing industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: