Man drinking wine naked in the streets around his bed – hailed only around Beijing-ratatouille

Man drinking wine naked in the streets around his bed – hailed only around Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Bing) only because of household chores cause upset, a man drinking stuffy drunk, naked, in a sheet out of the house. This is not a drunken man, then actually came to the streets around to intercept the passing vehicles, people really scared endless. In October 11th 8 pm, in the vicinity of the intersection of capital Xinshi road and the street, the rush of vehicles coming and going. All of a sudden, several drivers found in the fast lane appeared a naked upper body, the lower part of a middle-aged man only around a sheet. The man without a goal around swinging, whenever you see a vehicle near, immediately stepped forward to intercept. When the car tried to get rid of him, he went to another location to continue to intercept vehicles. Such behavior, so many drivers passing through terror, for fear of accidents. Soon, the passing of the public call 110 phone alarm for help. The west police station alarm, police on duty Zhang Yonghui and Shi Xiangfeng rushed to the scene and found a man in the car is still around new road. The police control after the man to bring it to the side of the road safety, then the police found that the man who has a strong smell of alcohol, then took him to the police station. More than an hour later, the man gradually awake. He said the day before yesterday and family quarrel because of household chores, the night did not sleep in the morning, home alone drink up menjiu, as to how much to drink, even he can not tell. "How did I get to the police station?" In front of the face of several police, the man said he did not remember his trance left home in the morning, but after the end of what they have done, has been completely forgotten. He found himself in a sheet did not wear any clothes, a man is ashamed of himself before the naked car everywhere in the street, is a shame, "I clothes where I really do not remember, I just say sorry behavior." Man covered with sheets to leave the police station, toward the home near the back.相关的主题文章: