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Repent and be saved: men spend 5 years in prison to create "the fruit kingdom" – Beijing, Beijing, October 27, according to foreign media reports, 13 years ago, came to Losangeles from his hometown of Lafadi astray, drug addiction, living on the streets, homeless. He seems to have no hope of life, friends in the introduction of fruit juice and super food after food from now on, relying on self regulating juice, he created the kingdom of juice, is now a millionaire. According to reports, Lafadigang arrived in Losangeles, engaged in cleaning the car business is very successful, but also sell marijuana, then the sale of ecstasy, become aggravated, he even began to use heroin. Addicted to his life, once lived in Losangeles’s notorious homeless lane. Drug addicts and after he became thin, the body skin ulcers, weight less than 50 kg. In 2003, Rafadi was in prison, and his life was at the bottom. In those days he cannot bear to think of the past, determined a drug, a friend introduced him to play Super juice and food at the time, immediate results. In 2007, Rafadi opened a rehabilitation center, and self regulating one named "Wolverine" smoothie, add dates and bananas, fame throughout Malibu. It is reported that many people go to the center, just to taste his fruit. After Lafadi raised $50 thousand, opened the first juice. In 5 years, he successfully created "the fruit kingdom", the store sells 32 kinds of fruit juice, high protein drinks, smoothies and Brazil Berry Bowl, coffee, and yogurt ice cream sundae. His purpose is very simple, hope that the fruit juice can have a "care, healing and motivation" function. Now Lafadicheng millionaires. He is a chain of fruit bar SunLife Organics boss, started from Malibu, currently has 6 stores. He also did not forget to assist in the return of the prodigal son, hiring staff, he specially selected to help drug addicts. The staff said to Kolo Rafadi is very concerned about the staff, like his father, he urged.相关的主题文章: