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Mavericks have improved but very traditional, riding subversion and the Internet has nothing to do with September 12th, Chen Valley riding a new calf electric car came near the East Third Ring Road, China World Trade Center, a real estate intermediary. After a while, he left his calf, take the subway back to the electric car near the northwest near Houhai. Ride a new calf electric car through the city of Beijing, and then take the subway or bus back. This is what Chen has done in the past year. Chen Valley in the main Emma electric car dealers have been working for three years to sell more than and 200 electric cars per month. The calf is in the last year before the goods, some site selection directly after the ride, the minority is through dealers in the Taobao store’s orders, he rode past by delivery. You can see a calf from time to time in the Beijing street waiting for the green light. It is easy to recognize: the front of a pure white ring lamp; body design is simple, no extra decoration and design, the rear seat is generally not hanging Baidu, hungry takeaway distribution box. It’s not just a big city like Beijing. We’ve seen it in small cities like Anhui and Jixi. Can it be more sensitive to the presence of other brands. In Taobao search "Mavericks N1", you can find more than 1500 shelves goods. Among the many stores sell not Dallas, plus the word but is to attract buyers interested in dallas. In August 26th this year, Chinese electric car market share of the largest Yadi held a press conference. The annual sales of 4 million of the Hong Kong listed companies at the meeting on something hard to let you associate with Dallas: lithium battery Panasonic, mobile phone application of new electric vehicle location function, the main electric fans…… Start delivery but a year, the Mavericks have affected a lot of electric car brand. Over the past two years, the attitude of the Internet Co to try to change your way of travel companies have a lot of 2014 – 2015, there are about more than and 10 technology companies launched a riding class products. Most of them want to introduce some popular foreign riding styles to china. The Mavericks’ manufacturing side wants to bring something that is high-performance electric scooter motorcycles. Pedal motorcycle (Scooter) is not new, in 1950s in Europe and the United States fire up. At that time, the end of World War II, the cold war is still relatively mild, the shadow of nuclear war has not yet obscured the world. The 1953 release of "Roman holiday", Audrey · Hepburn and Gregory Peck; · riding the Italy Hornets (Vespa) shuttle in the city of Rome, the audience fell in love with this Unisex car light. American poet, journalist Harry Roskolenko even has a book called Poet On A Scooter. However, Europe and the United States are popular with pedal motorcycle gasoline, and now the Mavericks do is electric. Compared to what you see on the streets of the electric car, the Mavericks have a lot of improvement. From the appearance of the details, it is also more delicate body, do not see the assembly gap. The core of the motor and battery are also looking for BOSCH and Panasonic cooperation, life up to 100 km. Some of the effects of driving.相关的主题文章: