Maybe you’ll soon be able to play Pokemon go on a Android watch! pork face

Maybe you’ll soon be able to play Pokemon Go on a Android watch! Tencent digital news (compiled: Human) in Apple’s conference last week, we saw the Apple Watch version of the upcoming Pokemon Go news. The time from the conference, our impression is become the exclusive platform Pokemon Go in Apple Watch smart watch platform will now, but according to the latest news, for Android Wear users also have the opportunity to. According to Niantic CEO John Hanke held at the Disrupt conference revealed that Pokemon Go will log more wearable device platform, which includes the Android Wear, Hanke said it is very possible. Hanke said that the whole company is currently promoting the concept of augmented reality game, apple Apple Watch has become a great tool. And if other platforms on the market in the future, such as Android Wear can provide similar fun and gameplay, then the company will be the first time to support. However, Hanke did not disclose the specific Android version of the Pokemon Go market time, so players need to continue to wait patiently. Source: UberGizmo相关的主题文章: