Mayor announced a private phone number, although the attitude of the effect is questionable 3u8813

The mayor announced private mobile phone number, the attitude is good effect of suspicious original title: Leadership announced private mobile phone number attitude is good effect of suspected Author: Li Shenmiao hypothesis of more than five million people in a city all know your private mobile phone number. Every day there are 0.01%, namely five hundred people to call you, you have to pick up the phone and the average in each time of about two minutes, then you will take one thousand minutes, about 17 hours for the phone, so basically you except sleeping with the phone, what other things are not dry the. Even if you make a fold, eight hours a day with the phone, if you are not the operator’s normal life, then you will inevitably be affected by. Five hundred for boring a city with a population of five million, or the spirit of not love to call the person is not difficult to laoke. Furthermore, if you are a mayor, the ability to solve some of the difficulties encountered in people’s lives, then I am afraid that more than five hundred people will call you every day. From this point of view had to admit that the mayor of Bozhou is a good official, recently the number of liberating the masses of private mobile phone released and said: the masses have new problems and demands reflect directly to him. The attitude is very sincere, and no matter how effective, whether can play in the past is not busy, the mayor can take over, people to sincere attitude will give a positive affirmation. This attitude has existed since ancient times. There are historical aiminruzi wise king or honest officials, he encounters people a idealists, often personally reception, hearing grievances, and explain the relevant departments to implement the solution. But this approach does not have broad applicability, few people aiminruzi, even go out every day to the people themselves, after all busy, which is why there is a political system and government agencies at all levels, to solve the problem at all levels of division of labor. And if people encounter problems, keen to bypass the grass-roots management mechanism, trying to reach heaven, two things: first, the grass-roots management can not meet the needs of the people; two, the loss of public trust management. Mayor of a city of five million people, in order to solve the problem of the masses insisted on leaving a private phone number, I am afraid there are more than two reasons. Zhu Geliang treats the one hundred thousand Northern Expedition army, twenty army generals bingzu penalty stick above bits and pieces things to personally check, Sima Yi commented: the long? Zhu Geliang said: fear of others with difficulties. Bozhou mayor’s approach for the management of one thousand people may be able to get through the village, but the level does not have a promotion on the up. Every encounter various problems five million people how many, the only one, only one mobile phone. The phenomenon is the sky Lord looks very beautiful, he can be a man thinking. For the modernization of the country, the saints thinking is outdated, how to optimize the system, improve the management mechanism, it is clearly a more important task. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: