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Melon seeds APP users retained the industry’s first GEO set of Olympic aggregation of second-hand car data: melon seeds APP users retained the industry’s first user retention rate is an important indicator reflecting the activity of a user of Internet products. According to the industry’s big data service providers GEO set of Austrian polymerization of second-hand car data show that in July the melon used car APP users three, five, the seven day retention rate was higher than competitors, in the second-hand car electricity supplier C2C industry first. Data show that second-hand car seven seeds APP user retention rate was 33.1%, higher than the excellent letter of second-hand car 6 percentage points, 5 percentage points higher than that of all the car; the five day retention rate of seeds of second-hand car has reached 37.8%, higher than the excellent letter second-hand car 35.6% and car 3, 36.3% people; the user retained seeds of second-hand car 51.4% also, higher than the excellent letter, all cars. The seeds of second-hand car user retained in each node ahead of competitors, become the second-hand car users love to use. All along, the melon seeds used car APP trend is good, and melon seeds in the field of mobile Internet is closely related to the continuous investment in the mobile internet. Since its inception, the melon used car will focus on the layout of the mobile business, and in the APP end and WAP end constantly optimize product form, and continuously enhance the user experience. The seeds of second-hand car performance has also been the authoritative third party data firm Analysys think tank must be in the mobile terminal. Recently, big data products Analysys’s sails Analysys released the latest July second-hand car electricity supplier C2C field data show that the seeds of second-hand car users daily living capacity of 1 million 249 thousand and 800 people, the leading advantage is very obvious, ranking the industry first. In addition, in July the average daily use of the seeds of second-hand car APP 1 million 997 thousand and 800 times, ranking the same industry ranked first. At the same time, the introduction of the seeds of second-hand car C2C direct selling model deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is understood that the seeds used car as the representative of the second-hand car business enterprise rise to the second-hand car market activity, especially the seeds of second-hand car launched C2C direct selling mode, eliminating the middleman, users have been recognized and favored. The latest data show that second-hand car service has seeds of more than and 200 national city, covers all the first and second tier city north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, and is to dig a three or four line city of Suzhou, Hohhot and other potential markets, increasing the number of service users.相关的主题文章: