Men naked women do not dare to look at me better grab, how bad your body ah-demonophobia

Man: I dare not see naked robbery women better grab, you’re bad ah every morning wake up brother is not the alarm clock is not a dream, just a small target to not worth mentioning here brother excellent genes pass down to achieve this target! For example, recently, there is an engineering father in Shaoxing to mechanical fans son made a high 4.2 meters, weighing 4 tons of Transformers". The Transformers robot can sit in the internal control, but also with the phone remote control. From design to production for a year, spent wuliushiwan, the father son said hoping to inspire creativity. To tell the truth, brother don’t need such a robot, just give me wuliushiwan, my creativity can make you terrified…… I really think it is important for a man to have money, after all, one of the skills of a good girlfriend is to spend money. This may not be too expensive, comparable to the pig brain. Australia 18 years old girl Amy – SHARP escape, the police found the local media published on the wanted her photo (left) ugly, fugitive SHARP actually requested the media message instantly replaced by another more beautiful pictures (right). Local media have ignored her request, but also in the police will arrest her. For the United States are not even free, so heavy idol burden Hin fatal ah! And it might be even more ugly…… As if this change is my brother, ID, does not provide self police may really not catch me after all ugly I don’t recognize myself. But if the police have grown in such a way, had to surrender the estimated woman down news sister saw this picture is clamoring to go to Hangzhou, very worried when she was arrested for assaulting a police officer…… News sister so open, I do not know if she met a large scale will blush. Since July this year, Guangxi Hezhou city night bursts of three single women robbery cases, according to the statement of the victim, the suspect is a naked young man. No wonder just grab a person, a thing so lightly, didn’t get more pocket…… August 25th, the police arrested a suspect left, he did not have a mental problem, he said the reason why the naked robbery, because the girl did not dare to look after the clothes off, I feel a little better grab." To tell the truth, man body figure is good, the lower part of the body is much ashamed to make girls do not want to see ah…… Wake up, you grab things are likely to give you the consolation prize girl. If the encounter is a freshman, his threat tool may have been broken. Words are different feelings of the weapon? Elder brother see not necessarily. Jiangsu Yangzhong Hu Gang and sun jou met in 2012, he was 13 years of affray was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months, 13 years at the end of the two married in prison, sun jou in December of the same year gave birth to a daughter. This is simply the inspirational idol drama plot! However, a turning point, directly into social ethics drama. Hu Gang was released from prison after two people found a lack of understanding of each other before marriage, great differences in personality, often quarrel. But Hu just didn’t get the job, blow up after the sun to sun long soft soft cuff and kick, hiding in the home, the final appeal for divorce. My wife must have felt better.相关的主题文章: