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Business Commercial parking lot lighting is an important feature of any type of security lighting project. Many commercial businesses require efficient parking lot lights to ensure the safety of their employees. Parking lot lighting fixtures are capable of dispelling large amounts of light over a given area. Employees, who are working after hours or visitors, who are entering the building once the sun goes down, need to have efficient parking lot light fixtures, so they can safely return to their vehicle. Finding a quality lighting manufacturer is the first step in getting your security project on the right track. You can find a wide assortment of outdoor commercial lighting fixtures, including parking lot lights. Thanks to the web anyone can locate top notch fixtures that are produced by some of the best manufacturers in the industry today. A quality manufacture will have a trained staff that is ready to assist you in selecting the right lighting fixtures as well as a photometric lighting design for your project. Illumination experts can answer any question you may have pertaining to installation, lighting technique, and the correct location for installing your new light fixtures. Outdoor parking lot light poles can bring to light parking lots, walkways, and park areas. Poles for parking lots should be manufactured out of a durable material and have a weatherproof finish, so it can endure the unforgiving elements of nature. Business owners also need to think about what type of light fixture can be mounted onto the pole. This will make a difference in how much illumination is dispelled and the amount of flexibility the product provides to the user. Quality parking lot light poles should be constructed with weldable carbon steel. These poles are perfect for just about any outdoor location. There are a variety of styles for this category. Some round tapered poles come in lengths of 20, 25, and 30 feet. These unique parking lot light fixtures are completely weatherproof and are perfect for lighting large spaces. Other types of light poles include, round straight, square tapered and straight square versions depending upon your requirements. Patrons can choose among a white, bronze, as well as black or have a custom made finish for their particular design. You can also find accessory parts for your parking lot light fixtures. Business owners can select things, such as tenons, brackets, and wall mounts for their light pole fixture. Be sure to find out what type of footings is available, when you go to order your new light pole. Most manufactures have footings in the 18 inch to 24 inch range and will compensate for different types of wind zones. It is always best to seek advice from an electrician or engineer to find out what the proper footing is for your specific region. Environmental and soil conditions should also be taken into consideration, before ordering any type of parking lot light pole. Additionally, be sure to choose the right type of bulb for your new lighting fixture. You can also find a wide variety of superior bulbs including, metal halide, halogen, mercury vapor, and high-pressure sodium lamps. Any security lighting project for a commercial or public site should use some type of parking lot fixture to illuminate the space during the evening hours. Locating a top-notch manufacturer, who specializes in security lighting fixtures, will help get you headed in the right direction. There are also a large assortment of lighting supplies & products for your home or business. Whether you need some outdoor landscape lighting fixtures to dress up your property or require new parking lot light fixtures for security reasons. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: